The Tomb Raider was killed by unknown liquid spray for the baby in the mausoleum

Tomb Raider the tomb for the baby actually is unknown liquid injection death Chinese emperor

hulianwang· 2017-10-10 12:01:43

Chinese Imperial Emperor Mausoleum tomb to attract a large number of attention, there are countless baby buried in the imperial mausoleum in the imperial mausoleum, so are there near guard. But in the fall of the Qing Dynasty, when the unrest, the Emperor himself was sitting instability, naturally it is difficult to preserve the ancestral mausoleum, so in this period of time, the Qing Dynasty stolen a spate of. The ruler of PuYi while trying to protect the mausoleum, but the Qing government was chaos, PuYi does not have the ability to manage the first mausoleum tomb, so many robbers take advantage of this opportunity to have started to plan the tomb.


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in 1928, Ma Futian and Wang Shaoyi et al began planning the tomb, but Sun Dianying was immediately stopped by Ma Futian et al, two people launched a dispute, finally Sun Dianying won, so Ma Futian and Wang Shaoyi fled his tomb. But Sun Dianying after Ma Futian et al is ordered to leave, go digging tomb, the tomb of Sun Dianying action lasted seven days, he will open the mausoleum of Ci Xi and Qianlong emperor, and the inside of the treasure shipped out to sell.

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