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Ma Yili Yuan Quan exposure the first half of my life

donggeyulequan· 2017-10-10 12:52:21

, "my first half of life," has been running for a while, and many young partners are obsessed with the role. Recently, Ma Yili and Yuan Quan fit a group of exposure covers, the shooting seems to be a party between girlfriends, people feel particularly good.

" on the day of the filming, Yuan Quan saw Ma Yili in Shanghai, told her: "Ma, you're here! "Both of them presented a relaxed, natural state of mind, a very tacit understanding, shooting intermittently or sitting quietly reading, or talking about interesting stories happening in children, the picture is really beautiful.".

two will be the same collocation deduce different style, showing different photo performance, elegant and charming. In the TV series "my first half of life", Ma Yili and Yuan Quan were a pair of girlfriends, using two kinds of life to create a perfect example of the relationship between girlfriends. And this two different personality, but also a tacit understanding of the actress, Dengfeng, talk about girlfriends, talk about life, has its own kind of transparent.

two is really beautiful beautiful intellectual, introverted, and even small steak sister are not consciously intoxicated.

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