Boutique niche sand box masterpiece, "EVE Online" mobile version is really coming!

Game player eve of the star wars Aurora

danglewangshoujiyouxi· 2017-10-10 14:27:46

said that PC sandbox has to mention "Star Wars Eve" (EVE Online), which is developed by Iceland CCP company, an extremely free virtual universe sandbox game, the country served by century Tiancheng agent operations. The most prominent aspect of the game is the grand outer space as a stage for players to experience the open, free space war.

" of course I said the space war is not the narrow concept of war, but the broad, it is somewhat similar to "my world", "Neverwinter Nights", in the game you can play any "initiative", you can a space war front line soldiers, a mercenary businessman, specializes in R & D arms manufacturer or use the corps commander, "all Eve" presented by the game player to create their own, it is generalized and a complete open sandbox game.

" is about "Eve" mobile version with the game player to meet news a few years ago, but it is a smoke bomb, but from the current monarch learned the news of boiling water, this is really. PPC recently released the news, following the VR game "EVE" (EVE Valkyrie): Valkyrie, they will work with the Finland firm Play Raven jointly launched the "EVE" IP "Project" Aurora mobile game, less familiar with the domestic game player was established in 2014 in Finland, they have developed a variety of mobile games. For example, "the spy master" (Spymaster), there are two games in the Apple App store shelves in China successfully, the overall evaluation is also a good game player.

"Project Aurora" is a free game producer Sam CCP Barton is a massively multiplayer online said that the Aurora idea is for EVE game player Online experience on mobile devices, at the end of this year will be a priority in a few countries, open test, full shelves in double platform next year.

CCP and Play Raven are now spend a lot of effort to design Project Aurora the most important part, in order to "Eve" in the core gameplay as much as possible perfect reduction to the mobile terminal. The need to establish their own fleet of game player in the game, and other game player together to complete the task, destroy the enemy enemies, set the purpose of NPC is to encourage game resources competition between the peak for the development of the game player.

" for details of how to play the game temporarily at present only exposure can make nothing of it, the official four screenshots, interested in the game game player can focus on our follow-up reports.

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