"There are 1 people who are killed every 3 days," the authorities responded

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haiwaiwang· 2017-10-11 06:31:32

overseas network on 10 October, accompanied by a Dutch act on duty in Kashmir the remains of soldiers were returned to Bangalore city in 9, the India armed forces soldiers of the high rate Dutch act once again caused widespread concern. Nearly 1 soldiers from armed forces choose to commit suicide every 3 days, according to India's defense ministry, but the Ministry of Defense says most of the suicides are caused by personal factors.

according to the "India times" reported, according to the India Department of defense from January 1, 2014 to March 31, 2017 the data presented, every 3 days at least 1 defense personnel from the India sea, land and air forces Dutch act, and most of the Dutch act is from the army. In these 1185 days, a total of Dutch act 348 defense personnel on duty, the situation in the long term was sent to Jammu and Kashmir, and northeast by the influence of rebellion people particularly serious.

, however, the defense ministry in India has indicated that most suicides are personal causes of suicides, such as land disputes after returning home. In addition, the civil authorities' apathy towards the complaints of armed personnel and the families of suicide victims has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction.

" though there may be some personal reasons, but one has to be sent to the front and served multiple term Colonel also pointed out that the long-term duty tensions in some locations, will damage the physical and mental health of soldiers. Although the Department of Defense says it has committed itself to providing a better environment for military personnel, the India media believes that this is far from enough. It is reported that, in the sea, land and air forces, the India army was the most affected, a total of 276 people committed suicide, accounting for nearly 80% of the total, the air force followed by the minimum number of naval personnel, 12 people.

according to the overseas network reported earlier, local media said, the extension of the India Department of defense taking for Kashmir and northeast India mutinous soldiers deployment time, had a negative effect on soldiers physical endurance and mental health. The situation becomes even more complicated, including low salaries, inability to ask for leave, lack of infrastructure, incompetence of leadership, humiliation by officers, and so on. Although many measures were taken by the Ministry of defence in India to ease the pressure of the army, air force and Navy far from home, there were no signs of suicide and homicide in the army.

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