Zhao Wei's brother divorced and his sister-in-law separated 520 million shares

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Zhao Wei sister-in-law and former agent Chen Rong

Tak television entertainment NetEase reported on October 11th announcement of the daily economic news, whether the capital market is entertainment, gangster, star fenfenhehe, always teasing "eat melon" netizen heart. Today (October 10th), A share market ushered in a "high price" divorce, and coincidentally, the incident and entertainment have relationship.

because divorce is the man Zhao Jian, well-known actor Zhao Wei's brother; and the woman - Zhao Wei's former sister-in-law Chen Rong, is accompanied by Zhao Wei from the unknown to the agent in the limelight.

according to the October 10th film and television (300426) evening announcement, when the marriage came to an end, holds 32 million 22 thousand shares of film and television, Zhao Jian, which will be 19 million 213 thousand and 200 shares under the name of Chen Rong.

according to today's closing price of 27.05 yuan television, Chen Rong shares of the current value of about 520 million yuan. But according to

, Zhao Jian had made a commitment lock, lock up period of these shares will continue until February 17, 2018 (36 months since the company's IPO date), in the meantime, Chen Rongji can not transfer or entrust others to manage part of the shares held by the company, nor to repurchase. After the changes in the

, Zhao Jian holds 12 million 808 thousand and 800 shares of German film and television, accounting for 3.20% of the company's total share capital, no longer holds more than 5% of the company's shares of shareholders. It is interesting that the Zhao Jian transfer to Chen Rong's shares accounted for 60% of the total stake in Zhao Jian, not usually half and half distribution.

reporter called Chen Rong on the matter, but the phone rang a few times and then hung up.

, Zhao Jian and Chen Rong can be said to play an important role in Zhao Wei's life.

Zhao Jian, Zhao Wei's elder brother, takes good care of his sister, according to previous media reports. After Zhao Wei became famous, Zhao Jian took care of a stationery company in Shanghai. In the years of Zhao Wei's negative news, Zhao Jian stepped forward and publicly declared, "no one is bullying my sister.". "

at the same time, many of Zhao Wei's career also have brother Zhao Jian figure. In 2006, Wu Hongliang, Liu Zhaochen, Zhao Wei brother Zhao Jian set up film and television, in which Zhao Jian invested 330 thousand yuan in cash, accounting for 33% of the registered capital. Then, in April 2011, the German film and television increased the registered capital, Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing and other stars subscribed to become shareholders.

from Zhao Jian in the representation of other units:

long dream castle (Shanghai) Agel Ecommerce Ltd in canlux treasure, although there is no direct display of Zhao Wei holdings. But the Tmall mall, which is registered with the company, is known as "Zhao Weimeng Long Hotel flagship store", and the image representatives are all Zhao Wei himself.

on the other hand, Zhao Jian's wife Chen Rong (of course is now more important is Zhao Wei ex-wife) woman, she has been accompanied by Zhao Wei from obscurity to in the limelight.

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