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zhongguojingyingbao· 2017-10-11 15:26:39

" National Day Golden Week this year, including Beijing, many property market turnover can be extremely dismal to describe.

according to Centaline Research Center statistics show that 6 days before the golden week, the property market hot city there is a clear cut, hot 30 city (of which part of the city to suspend and sign data statistics) signed sharp decline, the average decline reached 8, turnover reached the lowest in 2014. And Beijing property market is ushered in 2009 since the most dismal golden week.

specifically, 6 days before the Beijing new residential net signed 78 units, net signed 23 sets of second-hand housing, which is the lowest value of history to 2009, new and second-hand housing total net signed volume only 101 units, year-on-year decline reached 72%; 6 days before the Shanghai net signed 147 new residential units, year-on-year decline reached 78%.

besides, before and after the eleven holiday this year, the total volume of goods pushed by Guangzhou was 2090 units, down 65% compared with the same period of last year; the total volume of goods sold was 872 units, down 78% compared with the same period last year. Not only that, including Nanjing and other hot second tier cities turnover was significantly lower than the same period last year.

then, is the turnover declining only during the National Day golden week? We stretched the timeline.

according to 1-9 months of statistics, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, the average turnover reached 40%, of which Beijing fell by 45%, and Shenzhen reached 47%. Second tier cities before the hot city, Nanjing lowered by 57%, Fuzhou down 60%.

" which means that this year the national property market turnover more than the same period last year fell sharply, in some areas even cliff fall. Although there are many reasons for the decline in trading volume, but the author observed that this round of decline in the property market turnover, "not a day cold", and continue to overweight property market control measures have an inevitable link.

over the past year, the Beijing property market policy release density to create a nationwide record, released within a year more than 30 times of various control measures, including higher down payments, reduce mortgage discount efforts, even suspend mortgage etc.. In addition, the Beijing municipal government has also introduced a "multi school dicing" policy to combat high school district housing. In August, Beijing will clearly launch 250 thousand sets of joint property rights housing within five years, and began to implement in September 30th.

closely followed the pace of Beijing, the other cities in the country has also issued a number of rounds of regulation and control policy.

Shanghai Shoufu ratio will be raised to 35%, "13th Five-Year" during the new housing 1 million 700 thousand sets, raised the minimum discount mortgage and mortgage interest rates, to extend the approval cycle etc.. Guangzhou launched the first "rental right", Shanghai launched the first "rental housing land, the establishment of long-term mechanism of housing.

at the same time, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xiamen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other second tier hot cities have followed up, introduced a variety of restriction measures. Nanjing stipulates that the new purchase of housing for three years may not be transferred, Wuhan city residents to buy two suites, the minimum down payment ratio of 50%, prohibit the purchase of third housing units.

these property market control measures not only effectively crack down on real behavior, but also just need to provide a large number of housing opportunities.

worth pondering is that, in order to further crack down on real behavior, the country has nearly 50 cities have taken the restriction measures. The latest restrictions are Haikou, Hainan, Sanya, Wanning and Lingshui, four counties and cities. The four cities and counties have increased their housing restrictions to 5 years.

", if the restriction on the real hit is seriously injured, then, the sale can be fatal. We all know that any kind of investment can not be realized, and then higher prices are "paper wealth."". Moreover, many real persons are plus leverage real, once the bank thorough investigation of the flow of funds or bank benchmark interest rates up, the real capital chain is likely to break.

frankly speaking, the current real risk is enormous. Many hot cities not only directly "frozen" property market restrictions on the sale of property, the banks in order to prevent financial risks, but also to tighten the liquidity of funds. It is real to have enemies in front and rear. In the background of policy gradually overweight not loose, I think, pocket for security is the hard truth.

on the property market regulation is the latest news yesterday (October 10th) morning, the new state press conference came. Deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, director of the National Bureau of statistics Ning Jizhe at the meeting revealed that the real estate long-term mechanism is in full swing formulation, will be introduced in good time. At the same time, he also stressed that the national opposition to real estate speculation will not change. This

statement may mean the real winter is not far away.

writes here, I would like to mention the word "anticipation". Over the past more than 10 years, the property market continued to rise, so that the people have been rising housing prices always expected inertia. Driven by this expectation, large amounts of money are flowing into the property market, raising expectations of a rise. We say that the mother-in-law helped raise prices, but you have no idea, if the house is negative assets, how many mothers in law will urge you to buy a house?

in fact, in the central clearly "house is used to live, not for speculation", the property market is expected to continue to increase in regulatory measures, is changing. Beijing, Haidian District, an intermediary staff admitted that prices are now

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