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taipingyangqinziwang· 2017-10-12 04:09:15

believe that many Baoma mothers, have the same ideas and small, is the best thing for children, so not only hoarding all kinds of baby products, toys and even prepared a lot.

finally, the family was full of different toys, but most of them didn't last long before they were thrown aside. First, some toys use a short cycle, such as the baby wait a little longer, it is not suitable for use. Two, the baby is not interested in some toys.

here, Xiao Bian summed up four relatively popular, relatively high frequency of use of baby toys, to treasure mothers who make a reference.



, visual China fitness many novice treasure mom daddy should have been Amway gym, known as early childhood fitness and perfect fusion. The shelf is really practical. You can lie on your back, play on your back, sit and play, and you can also play the magic instrument for your baby to sleep. When the baby calf out to play piano, little hand to touch the toy bar ornaments, listening to their created music, danced for joy, babbling.

recommendation: safety, no smell. Powerful, a variety of gameplay, early education, rich content, there are children's songs, stories, English, etc.. Can record the baby, but also external mobile phone, microphone.


(building block based models) strongly recommend building blocks toys, is playable. The baby starts taking things and starts to grab it. Later, a little older, you can slowly guide the baby to identify colors, numbers, structures and so on. The baby is also very fond of playing, often a person to fight quietly. Basic section, basically can from four months or so have been playing to kindergarten stage. After that, you can choose some complex building blocks according to your baby's interest.

recommendation: Lego produced, quality assured. Bright color, large particles, easy to baby's small hands grasping. Learn while you play, baby love, mother happy.

3, fire story machine

that a rabbit toy is too hot, almost every baby has a. Meng rabbit will sing, will tell the story. Now the latest generation of WIFI function, you can also with mom and dad's social account binding, voice chat. Children within 3 years of age will be more interested in, a little bigger, not how to play.

recommend: cute rabbit shape, baby like it. Very good quality, especially WeChat dialogue function is great, talking to the baby, the baby is very magical.

4", "play sand tool"

, this is also a toy that can make the baby enjoy it. Understand that playing sand on the child's physical and mental health and intellectual development are of great benefit, Xiao Bian to the baby chose a set of tools to play sand. The baby loves it. He's always pestering himself to go to the park and go to the beach to play with the sand. I guess I can play till the junior grade.

recommendation: the texture is particularly good, the details are also handled well, without burr. Rich in color, strong and resistant to fall. 9 sets, many kinds of play, free combination, whether alone or play with each other, the baby has a good time.

what kind of toys do you like to play with your baby? Welcome to discuss it.

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