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The service value has doubled by three times, according to the report

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-10-12 12:05:54

service game, refers to those who rely on DLC and regularly publish additional content to extend the life cycle of the game, the current popular "Rainbow Six" siege "battlefield 1" "fate" and so on 2 is the representative of the type of game. They will release updates every few weeks, adding a variety of content, in order to maintain the heat and user activity, and they usually will next year to launch a new version contains all previous content, in order to attract more new game player into the pit.

now seems to have generated huge profits for publishers, and this trend will continue to strengthen in the future.

e-commerce company Digital River recently released a report pointed out that the service trend of the game although first set off by the free game, but they are not the only beneficiaries, the whole game industry value has been under the influence of this trend over three times.

"in 2016, 1/4 of all digital revenues for paid PC games came from additional content. "The report says so. Mentioned here refers to the additional content, now common season tickets and DLC.

"see rainbow six siege" caused this trend in second years to update the contents of the

, is the propensity to change game player. The report points out that players are increasingly inclined to choose new streams of content rather than playing regular games for $60. The publishers were trying to satisfy this expectation, and they adopted the 'service game' model. As time went on, they released fewer new games and replaced them with regular updates and additional content. "

" Rainbow Six siege "is a very typical example of

we have been able to developers who see this trend in the main issue of 3A games, Ubisoft is a good example. Not long ago, the French gaming giant announced that they would reduce their reliance on new releases and instead add more support to existing games.

data from American users show that PC players will choose to wait about 21 days before buying a $60 game, just to buy the game at a cheaper price. But considering the various additional content after the game is released, the publisher's profit after the game is still able to compensate for the loss of the sale.

in the service game more and more today, they slowly pay no attention to the game player $60 labels, publishers of $60 the previous consumption is less, but the report shows that they get from each game player on the profit growth rate is two times higher than other markets.

so what do all of you think about this trend?

source: VG247

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