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"Jedi Battle Royale" online: survival number exceeded 2 million, sales amounted to 16 million, but the near future will be banned

The Jedi survive live Battle Royale game

youxiputao· 2017-10-12 13:46:57

last week: "survive the Jedi Battle Royale" (hereinafter referred to as the "Jedi survival") after the number exceeded 1 million 960 thousand, the statistical data in this week's Steam show, "the number of online Jedi survival" has exceeded 2 million, far more than the Dota 2 and CS:GO and the number of online. In addition

, according to SteamSpy statistics, the current "Jedi survival" has sold over 16 million copies, of which, the domestic buyers accounted for nearly 34%, the number of game player accounted for 40.7%

"Jedi survival" the number exceeded 2 million

"Jedi survival" sales exceeded 16 million

"Jedi survival" Chinese game player accounted for nearly 41%

recently, famous anchor Sima the great in live and exposed a Jedi for "survival" not so good news. The anchor said survival of the Jedi might be banned on major platforms for some time, adding that the game was only banned for about 20 days.

has previously, Penguin gaming when broadcast anchor "Jedi survival" is super warned that illegal broadcasting or without no version of the Ministry of culture for the record of imported games.

"Jedi survival" is to enter into the domestic market through the Steam platform, but even Steam are facing pressure from policy, some time ago, frequent appearance of "101" and "103" mistakes, let Steam be the wall rampant rumors fortunately, since even the bare back to normal, quiet rumors.

from the previous A station, B station video content rectification, you can feel that the relevant departments to increase the intensity of the introduction of overseas content review. The risks remain. The survival of the Jedi is not formally introduced into the country, and it is not impossible to be banned. However, the comprehensive news, is only a live platform, intends to limit "Jedi survival" related broadcast, does not seem to touch the game itself.

at present, Chinese can be said to be "the largest market for Jedi survival", the blue hole should not ignore the risk of policy, if this opportunity to accelerate the "Jedi survival" officially entered the domestic market in order to solve the above problems, it should be a good choice.

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