Thief said: if years ago can not get the money, next year will be diverted

Thief Hangzhou USA credit card

huanqiulaohucaijing· 2017-10-12 15:09:52

2016 years after the thief and the thief before it is not the same: before 2016, most of the time you just worry about your wallet on the line. After 2016, the only thing anyone could fear was a cell phone stolen.

if China in the scientific and technological era just catch the last bus, then in the Internet and mobile Internet era, China has been in the forefront of the times. When the western developed countries are still using the POS transactions frequently, we have entered the "mobile phone to get everything" mobile intelligent era... Even by our side, "no cash" has become routine. It is because of this, the "wallet" seems to be slowly become a rarity, former target thieves eyes, now slowly without the value - now we basically have not put much cash in your wallet, is the scan code payment or credit card, 10 Wallet 8 is inside money. "In September 2017, a thief was caught by a police station in Shandong, Ji'nan," he said.


"now is the two-dimensional code to pay the world, all of the mobile phone for.". Buying tickets, cars, eating, and even the roadside to sell sesame biscuits are sweeping yards, where I steal cash to go ah, can only steal the phone... "There was a thief interrogation video is placed on the Internet, so many users know.

mobile payment in China is becoming more and more popular, and the proportion of small transactions has increased rapidly year by year, and there has been a trend of gradually replacing cash. With Alipay, WeChat as the representative of the mobile payment payment operation is simple and convenient, without carrying cash, credit card, business promotion activities, safe and reliable, mobile payment in the daily life of permeability can let a person as the acme of perfection. It is precisely because of such high mobile payment penetration, the traditional thief "industry" is facing unprecedented challenges.

says that the thief, the industry, has a history of more than 2000 years. The statue has two, one is a is moved, dongfangshuo, the former is in the "journey to the west", which has been recognized in the "Water Margin". This is a long history of "industry", are unable to eliminate thousands of years of cultural evolution in the thieves, seems to be in the past two years, the modern mobile payment "". As modern people become less dependent on cash and less money on their hands, more and more thieves are beginning to find it difficult to do so. For example, there were a lot of thieves in the vicinity of Beijing, Sanlitun, and now we go to see people who are standing by the roadside, looking at people passing by in a sad way. We all have nothing to do with the money and only hold a cell phone. Estimated that all thieves are thinking, the industry upgrade imminent.


Hangzhou a few months ago had a nonsensical "theft": on the road in Hangzhou, Phoenix, two foreign criminals fled continuous stole 4 convenience stores. The Tijuana feel "wrong": safe every store empty, the stolen money is not the round-trip fare of Hangzhou. "Why Hangzhou convenience store no money?" was taken to the Public Security Bureau they confused. Hangzhou people gave the answer: Hangzhou as a mobile payment giant, Alibaba's base camp, has entered the "cashless society", here the streets "no money."".

this ridiculous "theft" is a microcosm of Chinese dependency degree is more and more low on cash. In the current popularity of mobile phones, mobile payment has become more and more people's choice. This year, during the two sessions, even a survey showed that more than 70% of users believe that cash is no longer necessities. The Chinese are in the forefront of mobile payment in the world.

2016 in April, the CNN (CNN) reporter tried 24 hours "cashless existence" in Beijing, only carrying a mobile phone, even the credit card with no experience, the result is: "very easy, very convenient. "Ten years ago, in Chinese not take cash out, can't do anything; but ten years later, with the cash to go out, sometimes useless.

from Germany Fu called Germany Papi sauce and popular network for talk show. In August 2016, he alone came to Hangzhou from Shanghai, for a day "penniless" life. Without cash, he only uses his mobile phone and passport to complete all kinds of interesting things, such as taking public transportation, eating sesame seeds, tasting Hangzhou food, watching Chinese medicine, shopping, tasting Longjing tea, etc..

, more and more foreigners are beginning to express their admiration for the development of China's mobile internet.


used to have a wide range of Internet attention on the glass door of a small restaurant in Zhengzhou. "We don't have cash. Please ask for it."". Because the store has been thieves, not what was stolen cash and valuables, but every time out to destroy something.

this incident indirectly reflects the importance of cash to thieves. Once there is no cash, the thieves will lose the biggest theft of soil, "over the past two years, often a day out of the harvest is not enough round-trip fare, WeChat Alipay's popular really let us consider a career. "A thief once said anonymously on the internet.

"if we hadn't harvested anything years ago, we'd be diverted next year.". Now people go out to buy a watermelon do not have to bring money, and the phone, but also at any time in his hands, there is nothing to steal... "He said.

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, shopping malls, supermarkets, pay rent, go to the food market, take out food, pay for life, send express mail, so that

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