Rental housing, the ultimate killer of house prices

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) about the rental right, we are talking of "what", today we open a hole in the brain, imagine that the rental market up, what will happen?

simple, rental rights policy is to rent an apartment, long held a policy window. Big city land scarcity, population bursting, the rental market is a helpless choice, is also the best solution.

if a few years later, people generally accepted rental housing, the strength of enterprises to enter a large area, then, in the long run, it will bring 4 aspects of impact. The flow of


talent has accelerated, and

has for a long time been a hindrance to the flow of talent to a certain extent. I have such an example, a young man from Shanghai back to Shaanxi prefecture level city, because in Shanghai can not afford to buy a house, and in the local can easily get.

and friends are children, have to consider education problems, it is inseparable from Shanghai, in the surrounding Taicang, Kunshan buy a house, and some simply go back home.

once the rental right, means the child education of young people get to meet the most urgent. Despite the shortage of educational resources in the first tier cities, there are at least fair opportunities for competition. When

education, medical care and social security and social welfare to share, enter the main resistance city is broken, the siphon effect further enlarge the center of the city, who had to go to the big city, there is no threshold.

this undoubtedly speeds up the flow of talent.

, Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the rental population will account for 30-50%. Buy a small proportion of people, but the highest degree of urbanization, which is the biggest release of talent flow effect.

some people say that the Chinese house is not exactly equal to the living needs, there are psychological needs, the concept of home lasted for several thousand years, said change can change it?

then turn back to see the 98 years of housing reform, welfare housing distribution said no, and let us go to buy a house. How many people find it inconceivable and unacceptable, but time changes everything. All new species will certainly replace backward species.

So, when the lease with the right idea and system to cover most of the city, we will also become "nomads", where free, love where. The city's competitiveness can also be fully released, the more opportunities, the lower the threshold, the more attractive talent.


to enhance the quality of life for young people,

young people buy a house, the source of money is no less than two kinds, one is gnawing old, two is under their ruthless hands. Personal income and even family savings were thrown into the house.

of the youth poetry and distance, become a moment of struggling. One by one in the school dream of youth, into a holding cup of the uncle.

for a considerable number of people, because to buy a house, because bought a house, dare not resign, dare not consume, more afraid to do their favorite, but now do not make money.

, what if you rent a house?

house kidnapped Chinese too long, for rent, young people do not have so much pressure, while their parents health, while no children, while the blood is not cold, the music can be picked up, professional can read, travel can go up.

in clothing, food, and line cheap enough, today, the problem of living a settlement, equal to meet the basic needs of human life. Get rid of material constraints, you can pursue the superstructure.

the mental health of young people will be much better and the quality of life will be improved.

now, the biggest hole in the rental market comes from ideas. But with the rise of the Internet generation of indigenous people, the integration of international living concepts, the future of 95, 00 after the acceptance is still relatively optimistic.


to promote the development of the real economy,

in recent years, the entity industry can be described as suffering, commodity flooding, profits meager, so began to supply side reform, in order to comply with the general trend of consumption upgrades.

, but what's the spending upgrade? Strong spending power.

house is a big money holder. The more money a family spends on a house, the less money it spends on it. The underlying needs are not met, what upgrades?.

once long rent apartments by people as the universal solutions, there will be more money into the car, science and technology, tourism, health and life of retail and other industries, for the individual consumption, the rise of the level; to the country, is to make money from the left pocket, put it into the right pocket, but this about a change, will benefit the large number of manufacturing and service industry.

imagine, now China's economy, there is a need for more HUAWEI, Tencent, Ali, Xinjiang, or the need for more than 100 billion housing prices?

in the long run, once the wealth of real estate is released, it will promote the development of the real economy.


Chinese real estate prices drop two magical phenomenon, a commercial residential price upside down: than the business use of the commercial property price is high; a video is upside down: residential rental ratio is very low, if you buy a house for lease, return on investment is very poor.

expensive things, but rent is not higher, this is unreasonable. Also shows that a considerable part of the house weakened the "live" role, which is undoubtedly a waste.

when more and more people rush to the rental market, then sell

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