Ctrip ticket tied behind the root causes: air ticket zero commission?

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shenlancaijing· 2017-10-12 15:10:05

during the National Day holiday, an article entitled "10 billion a year?" The "Ctrip" deceptive "trap" "article, illustrated the way of Ctrip deceptive tricks, called booking air tickets, train tickets at Ctrip, will often be rather baffling by adding some default costs, consumers often do not know, even if know, also very carefully to find to find a place to modify.

" later, the evening of October 9th, actor Han Xue also issued a document accusing Ctrip bundling, said information tying "routine" as Ctrip was hidden loyal users, finally we advise: Ctrip in hand, see again. "

", id_imagebox_1, Ctrip had "10 billion a year?" The "Ctrip" deceptive "trap" "article responded that the copy of half a year ago the media reported that Xiaoxibushi has been deleted;" 10 billion "is a libel, without any factual basis.

, but Beijing time financial reporter network search found that Ctrip tying problem is not the first public criticism, and the network discussion caused by Han Xue can be found, tying is not the case. Up to now, Han Xue's micro-blog has been forwarded 10 thousand times, received 20 thousand comments, point like 150 thousand. Comments, many netizens said Ctrip suffered tying problems. But some netizens said that the relevant tying products can be checked out before shopping, not just look at tying products, fees, but also services.

" tying problem has been criticized, even the civil aviation bureau also released this year "notice on regulating the internet ticket sales behavior, prohibited tying behavior, not the sale of tickets to the default options outside of the product. But why Ctrip has not changed?

insider told time: "financial ticket and train ticket gross margin is very low, in the industry known as the natural negative margin business, the Commission is less than 0.5%, basically rely on tying insurance or money back change. "

2015 sac to several large state-owned airlines put forward" straight down "generation requirements (several state-owned airlines within the next three years, the proportion of direct sales to increase to 50%, while the agency fees fell to 50% on the basis of 2014). Then China Southern Airlines announced that ticket agency fee to 0, other airlines continue to follow up, the domestic air ticket into the zero Commission era; then the platform ticket system direct docking major airlines, so the ticket prices continue to decrease, the ticket tie-in sale began to highlight the problem.

according to one insider: Ctrip now own OTA as a ticket sold, accounting for about 20% of the total amount of votes. Airlines frequently cut commissions, even to the present zero Commission, so that Ctrip's ticket revenue has shrunk substantially. As a result, most airline ticket profits come from insurance agents. To Ctrip such a scale, to get the premium amount of 80% or even higher proportion as agent commission is already open secret. And Ctrip through reducing fares, enhance sales, and tying insurance this new model is obviously more profitable than the old model of selling tickets alone. At the same time, he also said that the tying problem is the whole industry behavior, not just ctrip.

industry practitioners have pointed out earlier, tying is Ctrip's main source of profit, it is impossible to change. As of press time, Ctrip said in a statement: Ctrip has been actively concerned about the needs of consumers, will improve and enhance the user experience, and upgrade the ticket booking page, providing no default check products. In addition, according to insiders, Ctrip intends to cancel the ticket tying tying behavior.

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