The industry's average pay rise this year is 7.4%. How about your salary?

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jianghanshiyeguancha· 2017-10-12 15:10:07

before the national day, companies should also be paid, I do not know how the salary of your friends, the recent statistical data out, the national enterprises as a whole pay 7.4%, but how about you? Today we are going to discuss the topic of salary.

is a golden time in the years just after the enterprise salary adjustment time has finally come, Han brother very depressed recently, wages did not rise for many years not only has dropped a lot, in the huge Shanghai work, wages are not up to the average level of Shanghai city in the end, let yourself feel the feeling to. However, recent data have shown a group of Han brother I was a case, according to Xinmin Evening News recently reported, this year the overall salary rate was 7.4%, compared with last year, an increase of 0.5 percentage points.

from the industry pay rate point of view, the salary polarization trend more obvious. Among them, hot industries such as the Internet, the financial industry still has more than 8% of the increase, Internet companies pay rate is about 10.5%, occupy the top; the real estate industry is affected by the national regulation and control policy, salary adjustment rate decreased compared to last year; traditional industries such as pharmaceutical industry still maintained at about 8% of the salary rate; manufacturing industry from macro the environmental impact, the salary rate is lower, but compared to last year increased, also shows that the overall trend of environment.

", why should an enterprise adjust its wages?

many people will think that the laws and regulations of the country have to require employees to pay adjustment, but according to the current law, is not mandatory for the salary adjustment, but the scope stipulated in the minimum wage, so enterprises pay adjustment under normal circumstances is a kind of market behavior. However, in the actual life, many enterprises are still doing well in the annual salary adjustment to employees, and the direction of adjustment is generally adjusted upward, which is why?

this is from our money to start, now the world currency is legal tender or commonly known as banknotes, banknotes in the earliest time is the bank can issue a voucher for the free exchange of gold and silver, with the exchange voucher you can go to the bank to cash equivalent and gold silver and other precious metals. So, in this is called the gold standard era, during the most of the prices are also quite stable, except as America discovered a massive silver ore lead Spain prices rise, and a large number of foreign silver Chinese in Ming and Qing Dynasties led to the influx of silver and a decline in purchasing power, full price stability for enterprises the operation is relatively easy.

however, the problems appeared in 1971, with the increase of the US fiscal deficit, the United States has a large amount of gold to overseas, which led to the final collapse of the gold standard, the gold exchange standard system of the United states. After the gold standard, money don't need gold as the equivalent, so all countries have a crazy money printing impulse, of course, most of the time, governments also dare not large-scale printing money, otherwise it will cause a rapid rise in prices, resulting in serious inflation. However, by printing money to achieve a certain degree of inflation, and then promote the economic growth of Keynes's economic policy has been implemented in a large number of countries, which also led to the almost all currencies have varying degrees of inflation. Today's 100 yuan, tomorrow will probably be able to buy only 99 dollars of money, the value of this money is also accepted by most people.

so, if a company for many years do not give employees a pay rise, then in fact on the surface of employee wages unchanged, the income level is actually in a declining state, so under normal circumstances, as long as the company's business is still relatively normal, will choose to give the employee wage increase every year. For the general equilibrium price rises, but the growth rate of wages can reach the speed of price increases, this problem we do not here too much discussed.

two", "insufficient wages", "how to spend the era, how can we not moonlight?"

look at the published data, although there are a lot of other people's company as well as to give employees a raise wages, plus a year-end bonus, but also has the same and Han brother companies, not only to raise wages also drop singing, what do we do? Han brother to share some of their financial experience, for your reference:

, a clear list of revenue and expenditure plan and list. Before the Han brother in repeatedly stressed the importance of accounting for our life, but now we are not only accounting bookkeeping is just so simple, you recorded every day in the end how much money to spend, that is where the money to the problem. However, this is only the first step, we need to be explicit income and expenditure balance of their own, this is the meaning of payments list, basically the recommended practice is the first month of each month you may be spending money on a budget, and then down with every actual wage next month, until you pay day, a special summary, see what projects must be spending, such as the monthly fixed

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