These reforms saved WAL-MART by 27 million a year

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" in the past year, the light is on the plastic bag "slightly change and receipt shorter, WAL-MART were saved $20 million and $7 million. At's annual Investor Conference on Tuesday, WAL-MART showed investors the effectiveness of its own cost cutting program, a small part of it. At present, the cost accounted for 21% of WAL-MART's sales, and WAL-MART is not satisfied with this, their CFO Brett Biggs said: "from the cost point of view, we have not yet achieved.". "This

WAL-MART began to implement the zero base budget is also rare in the retail industry in some sectors, that is the beginning of each year to evaluate all projects including the original project, from zero budget, to ensure that they can save more money.

WAL-MART's most important offline retail business budget has also been cut. Next year, they plan to open no more than 25 stores in the US market, the lowest figure in 15 years. By contrast, they opened 117 new stores in fiscal 2017. In addition, WAL-MART in recent years several layoffs in October 2015 450 employees laid off their headquarters in September last year, the United States and removed the 7000 stores in the accounting and management of invoice post, this year WAL-MART has cut hundreds of people.

, and most of the money saved will be used in the burning of electricity supplier business and transformation of existing shopping experience on the store.

is trying to compete with Amazon's WAL-MART, is ready in the first quarter of next year, now the electricity supplier website thoroughly revised, will be more focused on home and fashion. Taking into account the purchase of four clothing related electricity supplier brands this year, WAL-MART's new focus on the site is not surprising.

they are also working to improve the shopping experience of the website. WAL-MART ready to hire 2000 "commodity experts" to monitor the WAL-MART site and rewrite the description of the goods, such as the Olympic swimming champion Nathan Adrian please be in charge of the swimming category of goods, to ensure the different types of swimmers can find items related to swimming, "to learn how to swim to the formal and training needs of the high school swimming suit and equipment from the baby. "At present, WAL-MART has invited 250 such experts.

not only that, WAL-MART is also prepared to's "smart shopping cart" (smart-cart) function is also used on its own electricity supplier website. The so-called intelligent shopping cart, is refers to the consumer to sacrifice something to save money, such as the only choice in the same distribution center for goods, use a debit card or credit card, return the goods to give up rights and so on, the system will tell you if you choose some conditions, this shopping can offer much money. said the system can let customers save money will make them leave more customers, obviously, WAL-MART wants to use this system to make the price sensitive customers from Amazon and other competitors attracted. intelligent shopping cart system source: TechCrunch

WAL-MART according to the forecast, in fiscal year 2019 (as of January 2019) of their total sales year-on-year growth of 3%, while the United States market business revenue will increase 40%. Last year, WAL-MART did not announce electricity supplier sales, and now they expect the electricity supplier to reach $115 billion by January 2018.

but WAL-MART will continue to set up shop in overseas markets. Their plan is to open 255 new stores in fiscal year 2019, and focus on China and Mexico. WAL-MART CEO Doug McMillon also made a special mention of their one hour delivery service in the Chinese market. In May this year, and Jingdong cooperation, WAL-MART announced the sale of fresh, fast - Product - based WAL-MART, Jingdong to the store, you can do in 1 hours from the store to the consumer goods. WAL-MART's shares rose 4.5% on Tuesday,

, and the closing price was the highest in more than two years. It's clear that the market loves their plans. By comparison, WAL-MART's share price fell by more than 10% in 2015 when it announced it would hit $2 billion on its electricity supplier business. Figure


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These reforms saved WAL-MART by 27 million a year

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