High speed rail cars can be selected ahead of schedule Online


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" Beijing daily news (Reporter Lin Jiang Mengwei) October 12th, Beijing Daily reporter from the Chinese railway company was informed that since October 12, 2017, the railway department launched the "connection transfer scheme and recommended the EMU train" self selected seat "two new initiatives, including," EMU train independent seat selection system supports all C, D, G for seat selection, the original payment remains unchanged, passengers can still use the bank card to complete the payment, Alipay etc..

on EMU trains "self selected seat", Chinese Railway Corporation, the relevant departments responsible person said that the foundation of the railway departments to carry out the pilot services in Hainan high-speed rail around the island since December 2016, since the beginning of October 12th this year, the full launch of EMU trains "independent seat selection service. 12306 passengers through the website or mobile phone client ticket, according to the EMU train seat provides the system schematic select seats, when the remaining seats cannot satisfy the passenger demand, the system will automatically match seat.

" the person in charge, in October 12th, 12306 passengers through the website or mobile phone client ticket, when the encounter between the departure and destination of the train without a ticket or not directly to the train, passengers can choose "successive transfer" function, ticketing system the display part of the train ticket on the way to transfer a passenger, if passengers choose to buy, can be a complete two trip ticket payment.

, the person in charge said that the transfer and EMU train seat selection function for the first time, the total iron will be based on operational conditions and passenger recommendations, continue to optimize and improve. The railway department reminds the broad masses of passengers about the specific circumstances of the two services, and may visit the 12306 website to inquire about the functions of the connecting transfer and seat selection.

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High speed rail cars can be selected ahead of schedule Online

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