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as the leading brand of infant nutrition, Jiabao has gone through 90th anniversary. 90 years, Jiabao did not forget to "dedicated love" brand of the beginning of the heart, despite the very remarkable market performance, but also never stop the pace of "innovation". Today, according to the China Jiabao market to the myriads of changes, Tmall international, jointly issued the "Garbo 90 years upgrade cum tasting beauty food", share 90 years passed down the brand idea and China mothers, and reliance by the Tmall platform, refresh the brand image, the upgrading of consumption experience, create a new milepost China infant food supplement.

  and Tmall jointly issued the "international Garbo Garbo 90 years to upgrade and food tasting" from left to right are: the Nestle nutrition international e-commerce business unit Senior Brand Manager Wang Xiaoyu Nestle baby China Senior Vice President Yan Kebin (Binu Jacob Nutrition Business Unit) general manager of Tmall international Aowen Nestle nutrition products international e-commerce business unit responsible person (Patrick Bornand) the United States surging Jiabao international business head Makeley (Magnus Cariaga)

from the platform to the table, all products customized baby favorite scientific formula

Jiabao the, There is a unified standard, that is, "baby"". Each product must go through 2000 baby's mouth "assessment", according to the baby's feedback, Jiabao constantly upgrading, on the basis of scientific formula for nutrition out at the same time, also ensure the delicious upgrade, let the baby double love.

Nestle baby China Senior Vice President Yan Kebin (Binu Jacob Nutrition Business Unit) said: "in the past 15 years, Jiabao nutrition experts through their professional resources and deep experience in the field of food and related certification, in the United States to continue research and monitoring of infant diet, in recent years, the study also extended to the China. On the one hand, to help us better educate consumers in the United States and China how to properly feed, on the other hand also help product research and development, in order to supplement the baby's lack of nutritional intake in the diet.

currently has the Jiabao and is professional research and development for more China mother to understand the content, and by the Tmall international strong content marketing channels and Master resources, continue to raise knowledge continuously to the consumer Chinese output more baby feeding and business professional, of great significance to let parents know more about professional food products on the growth of infants and young children.

100% from the farm to the factory, to ensure the quality of food supplement nutrition is balanced,

is recognized, the baby taste quality is guaranteed, lay the foundation almost healthy baby life.

Jiabao brand was originally composed of a pair of loving parents for their baby was founded in his kitchen. "Young children, Jiabao every aspect of the production of the strict control, has a set of full traceability system to ensure food safety and quality 100%. The United States

Jiabao International Business Manager Makeley (Magnus Cariaga) said: "Garbo always uphold high production standards, starting from the source, selection of pure pollution-free farm, strict control of soil nitrate and heavy metal content. Strict standards permeate each step of the selection, planting, and selection of materials, only for the selection of natural, high-quality ingredients. Most factories are conveniently located around the farm, picking fresh ingredients directly, locking in natural flavors and essential nutrients for babies. In the production process, the use of automatic Jiabao aseptic production line, to ensure that every product purity and safety of tank. From soil to production, from farms to factories, the whole process can be traced back, providing 100% quality food for the baby. "

from the United States to join Tmall Chinese, benefiting more baby

in the United States, Jiabao is one of the leading brand of baby food, famous overseas, China mother for Garbo is not strange. Today, in the face of huge change rapidly and Chinese maternal market consumption environment, actively cooperate with Tmall international Jiabao, sales and logistics, from many aspects, and constant innovation, aiming at the new outlet China market consumption upgrade. As the pioneer of

first settled in Tmall international cross-border mergers and acquisitions of great success, Jiabao profound insight into and adapt to the changing trends in China market, from the sales and logistics, quality control aspects, constant innovation, successfully seize new consumption growth opportunities. In June this year, President Bill Partyka CEO& Jiabao in June this year is the Alibaba in the United States held in Detroit Summit on small and medium enterprises share the successful experience of cooperation with ali.

  2017 in June and CEO& Bill Partyka President Ma Jiabao in Alibaba in the United States held in Detroit SME summit photo Nestle nutrition international e-commerce business unit

Jiabao responsible for cross-border business in the China surging (Patrick Bornand) responsible person said: "Jiabao development originated from consumers for high quality food products China needs, and today China consumers more pursuit of high-quality original authentic products, more choice and more personalized service, in the China market into a

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