The airliner has landed safely over Xiamen

Xiamen Boeing Kazakhstan Gansu

haixichenbaoZAKERsha· 2017-10-12 15:26:55

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- ZAKER Xiamen Haixi morning reporter Bai Binbin Chen Lijie

" according to @ Xiamen Airport: October 12, 2017 10:39, Xiamen airport air traffic control notice, Aas A B757 plane returned to Xiamen airport due to a suspected landing gear failure. Xiamen airport immediately launched emergency response procedures, Xiamen city leaders rushed to the scene for the first time command. aircraft has been safely landed at 14:19, and the relevant reasons are still under investigation.

the machine this morning 10 PM departure from Xiamen, is returned after the machine maintenance, no passengers. After take-off, the unit found that the landing gear malfunction alarm, through the low altitude field inspection, found landing gear is normal, and then the airport with the crew, a number of airlines preferred flight 1392 landing.

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