"Silver soul" operation and a flurry of Kamui Yong rabbit and the volt will debut.

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According to the

Jump information this week, Namco Bandai's "silver soul" flurry will be an additional three bit manipulation figures, respectively, and the runaway Kagura Shenwei Jiyuan guardian yong. By throwing away months to strike the enemy from a distance; the moving speed of power than other roles to quickly destroy the enemy through the body of a powerful melee defense force runaway form; you will be greatly reduced, but the speed and attack power will increase.

" appeared in the energy-saving in the night. Wang Fengxian and his rabbit will be used as the BOSS volt level character "gintama" flurry.

"gintama" flurry will be landing PS4/PSV platform in January 18th next year, the pre game can get the "new Armstrong cyclotron jet Armstrong gun" props download code, at the same time, the game will launched a limited edition, details can click [here].

source: gematsu

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