The "new Legend of Sword and Fairy" Steam version of the official ban, "most game player"

The new Legend of Sword and Fairy Legend of Sword and Fairy game player game

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-10-12 16:01:52

in the following 3 "Legend of Sword and Fairy" for sale in the Steam platform, "new Legend of Sword and Fairy" also today officially landed on the Steam platform, the starting price 28 yuan, only 19 yuan discount.

" original "Legend of Sword and Fairy" released DOS version in 1995 1997 launch of the Win95 version, is about "all martial arts dream a shake all corners of the country of Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Linger met a mysterious girl by chance, with thousands of miles to find the mother launched escort journey" the story of the game, and the height of the achievements without doubt, can be said to be the domestic RPG, and even works on behalf of the domestic game. This work was launched in 2001, and the iOS version was introduced in 2015.

and the lifting of the ban Steam version of "new Legend of Sword and Fairy" game player evaluation is quite bad, there are currently 92 reviews rated as "most". Some players pointed out that this "actually" is a hand Swim transplant, BUG a pile of "this is IOS reverse transplantation PC game, UI extremely fuck eggs," said the Windows update version? "

, but there are still a lot of game player for the play Praise:" primary school memories, not to go back to the buddies. Without returning to the previous map, the jump would have been met (previously tortured by the BUG)".

" earlier we have reported that before the landing Steam platform three "Legend of Sword and Fairy" has all the reverse lock, and the "new Legend of Sword and Fairy" still can buy globally, are interested in the game player can click on the link below to understand.

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