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Hoogewerf Xu Jiayin Ma Yun China's richest man

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review: "first, Hu Run rich list 2017" display, Hengda Xu Jiayin to 290 billion yuan for the first time to become the richest man Chinese, he is the Hu Run rich list in 19 years the twelfth richest man China. What are the interesting changes in the distribution of Chinese billionaires in 2017? Follow the 21 kings to gossip!

source. 21 data laboratory, Wu Xiaobo news channels since Hu Run's

10 on Sept. 12, the Hu Run Research Institute released the first "Hu Run's list of 2017". This year is the Hu Run institute since 1999 for nineteenth consecutive release of "Hu Run rich list", the list has been five consecutive years to maintain the threshold of 2 billion yuan. The list of billionaires' wealth is due in August 15th of this year, in line with last year.

this year a total of 2130 entrepreneurs wealth reached 2 billion yuan and above, an increase of 74 over last year on the list, the total list number doubled over five years ago, is nearly 3 times ten years ago, 15 years ago more than 20 times. The average wealth of entrepreneurs on the list was 12.5% higher than last year, reaching 8 billion 100 million yuan, or nearly 2 times that of GDP. The top 100 average increase of 6.

Hoogewerf said: "the higher the ranking, the faster the growth rate of wealth.". "

essence aspect

, this list has a new richest man - Hengda Xu Jiayin.". His personal wealth rose by nearly 200 billion in six months, to a record high of 290 billion, almost 4 times last year. He is Hurun rich list 19 years twelfth China's richest man, but also the richest man over the years the richest man.

46 year old Ma Huateng wealth grew 52%, to 250 billion yuan over Ma, ranked second. Ma Yun, 53, and his family wealth have shrunk by 2% to $200 billion, down from third. But Ali had 43 shareholders on the list, 25 more than last year.

3 new entrepreneurs to enter the top ten, respectively is the wealth of last year more than 3 times the garden of the 36 year old Yang Huiyan, "King Wang Wei and SF express" wealth is almost 4 times last year, Geely, Li Xingxing and his son Li Shufu. The proportion of women in the

is 25.8%, up slightly from 24% last year, 7 of which are made from scratch. Yang Huiyan has become the richest woman in china.

6 bit 90 after the list, an increase of 3 place over last year. Ofo, 26, wears the 3 billion 500 million fortune as the first self-made kid".

China's manufacturing industry is the most profitable, and 30% of entrepreneurs are from manufacturing.

Guangdong Bay area has become the accumulation of wealth, a total of 467 entrepreneurs on the list, followed by Beijing. Zhejiang businessmen were first surpassed by Guangdong merchants, Guangdong businessmen increased 52 to 284, Zhejiang businessmen 263. Most

2017 TOP10

" Hurun Report this year in the top ten in the IT industry, there are 4, and the number of the same as last year; involved in the real estate industry than last year reduced by half, to 3. In the top ten, the threshold was 41% higher than last year and exceeded 110 billion by one hundred million.

Hoogewerf said: "this year our global rich list top 100 threshold is 83 billion, the top ten, these people can go to the global rich list top 100."". The top ten average age of 49, 5 years younger than last year's ten. In the top ten, there were 4 in Guangdong, 3 in Zhejiang, 2 in Beijing and 1 in Jiangsu and Hongkong.

59 year old Xu Jiayin Hengda to 290 billion yuan for the first time to become the richest man China, he is the Hurun Report in 19 years the twelfth richest man China. In addition, Xu Jiayin to 1 billion 240 million yuan donations this year ranked Hurun philanthropy list third, then in Guangdong helping the poor, Hengda again donated 400 million yuan. Hu Run said: "Xu Jiayin's wealth growth is the first half of this year, up 200 billion, an average day up 1 billion, which is 99 years, the fastest growth rate of wealth.". "

Xu Jiayin

46 year old Ma Huateng wealth increased by 85 billion to 250 billion yuan beyond Ma ranked second. Recently, Tencent's share price has reached a record high this year, and has risen by more than 60% this year. WeChat combined monthly active accounts close to 1 billion. Tencent's results also benefit from the size of the game has reached 200 million people, "king of glory.". Tencent entered the world's top 500 for the first time this year, with market capitalisation approaching three trillion. Ma Yun,

53, and his family wealth have shrunk by 2%, to 200 billion yuan, relegated to third. Alibaba's stock price performance this year, from the beginning of less than $90 rose to the current 178 U. S. dollars, Alibaba market value exceeded three trillion. In the first half of this year, Alibaba sales exceeded 50 billion yuan, an increase of 56%. Ant gold clothing market capitalization is currently breaking 400 billion yuan. Alibaba entered the world's top 500 for the first time this year. Ali has 43 shareholders on the list this year. The

report said: "although Ali stock price doubled, ant gold dress well, but MA in ant gold clothing shares from 35.5% last year dropped to 1.2%, similar to Ren Zhengfei, HUAWEI has a low stock. If Ma did not "send out" his shares in the ants, he is still China's richest man. "The wealth of Yang Huiyan,

36, grew about 100000000000 to $160 billion, up from twenty-second last year and back to the top ten to fourth," he said. Yang Huiyan is the only woman in the top ten of the year.

63 years old, Wang Jianlin and his family wealth has shrunk 60 billion, bid farewell to the richest man throne, with 155 billion yuan ranked fifth

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