Locust tree cut only to be stolen boards, a family of five was sentenced

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according to the procuratorate Daily reported on October 12th, Chongqing a half a century of growth of the locust tree, overnight unexpectedly left the stump, and the defendant Xin Xiaoping felling, just to do a few plates. Xin Xiaoping did not think of is, himself and his family because of the eight plates to pay a heavy price.

" locust trees have been made into board

2017 January 20th, Changshou District Public Security Bureau of Chongqing city police station received the alarm, said Yan a company nursery, a locust tree was stolen. "This tree less than half a century, there is a man surrounded so thick", the police said Zhou said.

after receiving the alarm, the police immediately went to the scene to see, found that honey locust tree from the root of about thirty cm, by people with flat sawing saws. There was only one stump and some scattered branches and leaves, and the tree trunk disappeared.

police decided that moving such a big tree would not be easy, and the scene would leave some clues. Sure enough, the police carried out surveillance along the way when the trees were stolen, and soon locked a minivan. Police from the car owner's mouth that night, a man named Xin Xiaoping borrowed his vehicle, said to transport things. The police immediately instructed to find Xin Xiaoping, he stole chop Gleditsia confessed.

according to Xin Xiaoping account, a few days before the incident, he walked in the Yan family nearby, saw the tree locust tree. He grew up listening to the old man said, with the locust tree to do board durable, so, about his brother, the night will cut off the tree. In the tree sawing, but two people lift. Xin Xiaoping called his eldest brother, sister and brother-in-law again, and the five men carried the tree up to the van and carried it away. Xin Xiaoping will steal back the trunk into eight plates, three of them for help with the tree of my brother and sister, the other three friends. He left two block.

the Changshou District Price identification center, the locust tree value of 26856 yuan, Gleditsia remaining timber value 389 yuan.

Changshou District Prosecutor's office filed a complaint against the case. As the defendant pleaded guilty better attitude, the prosecution suggested that the case applies for confession, recognition, punishment, speed cutting procedures. Xin Xiaoping and his brother take the initiative to compensate victims unit economic losses 26856 yuan. The day before the court of Xin Xiaoping and brother of symplectic soldier guilty of theft, was sentenced to one year probation and fined 5000 yuan in one year and six months. In addition, 3 people involved in transporting stolen trees were sentenced to six months to eight months' imprisonment by the court of first instance, and they were sentenced to one year's probation and fined.

(Wen: Li Lifeng, Wang Zhihua)

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Locust tree cut only to be stolen boards, a family of five was sentenced

Locust tree cut only to be stolen boards, a family of five was sentenced

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