Zhang Yingying mother called "return my daughter" to rush to the suspect

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, who was arrested for kidnapping Chinese visiting scholar Zhang Yingying, pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court again, Brent Christensen. Zhang Yingying's mother was in the gallery, bursting with grief, crying, and trying to get to the suspect. Wang Zhidong, a Chinese lawyer who provided legal aid to Zhang Yingying's family, told Xinhua that prosecutors were confident that there was enough evidence to convict the suspect.

" local time 11 days again hearing the US federal court in Illinois Central District judge Eric Ron to suspect read three counts of additional new indictment: a kidnapping to death, two false statements, and to illustrate the suspect if convicted he could face the the penalty. The suspect's public defender pleaded not guilty to the suspect.

when 28 year old Christensen sat down into the court, sitting in the gallery of Zhang Yingying's mother couldn't help sadness, burst into tears, kept saying "my daughter", a few desire to suspect. Volunteers removed the court before the trial.

, wearing a pale green prison suit, sits between two public defender lawyers without looking at the victim's family.

judge announced in court, the pre-trial date of the case in February 12th next year, the trial date for February 27th.

provides legal assistance to the families of Chinese lawyer Wang Zhidong Zhang Yingying told Xinhua: "(the suspect) not guilty today is completely predictable, we also expect to advance about such a situation. "

," Wang Zhidong said, "the prosecutors are confident that there is enough evidence to convict the suspect.".

Wang Zhidong believed that the pre-trial and trial date announced by the judge had been delayed. "This date has not changed today. It does not mean that it will not change again. There may be many other complicating factors later, which will eventually change the date. "

26 year old Zhang Yingying in April this year, Bana went to the University of Illinois, Champaign in June 9th study, sitting on a black car after missing. The FBI arrested Christensen on June 30th, accusing him of kidnapping Zhang Yingying. In July 5th, Eric Ron, a federal court judge in the central Illinois state, rejected Christensen's bail application. In July 12th, a federal grand jury in Illinois decided to sue Christensen. In July 20th, Christensen spoke for the first time in court, but refused to plead guilty. On

10 3, the grand jury of the United States added three new charges to the suspect: a kidnapping death and two false statements. If convicted, the accused will face death penalty or life imprisonment.

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