Japan's newest destroyer is launched to deal with Chinese submarines

Japan destroyer Z

huanqiuwang· 2017-10-12 16:44:26

26DD "JMSDF Asahi" class destroyer USS DD-120 two "Shiranuhi", today launched Torgovnik.

" Heisei 25 years (2013) after the Izumo class helicopter destroyer time ship Kaga disbursement of funds started construction, Japan finally started budgeting aboard the new antisubmarine destroyer, named "25DD", hand built by MITSUBISHI heavy industries Nagasaki shipyard. Later in the year Heisei 26 (2014), once again compiled a different type of ship, named "26DD", the two destroyers are expected to serve in 2018 and 2019. Among them, the "25DD" was launched in October 19, 2016 and named Asahi, (JS ASAHI DD-119), the successor of 1955 Japan to receive American Buchanan class destroyer DE-262 Asahi ship name. Based on the sea of Japan since the first ship to ship to the traditional class name, the two destroyers called Asahi class destroyer.

" in fact, before the destroyer plans in the Asahi, the sea of Japan since the plan to design a 3000 tons of small anti submarine ships, with low cost rapid sea level at the beginning of 80s for the first snow began to build the destroyer brought retired the vacancy, but because of the air and water Chinese under threat intensity increases rapidly, the new submarine construction constantly, sea ship whether new anti submarine detection system or combat air defense system has reduced level space; both the low frequency large Hull Sonar and towed array sonar, need to ship to a considerable scale and effective accommodation the deployment of air defense radar system in operation, and more decent must make the upper structure and the mast weight increased to 3000 ton ship can hardly In order to accommodate, in order to cope with the rising threat of sea Chinese, since after weighing, gave up the idea of "miniaturization", only to akizuki class destroyer as the foundation, design and construction of a moon and the same 6000 ton antisubmarine destroyer.

" based on this idea, the Asahi new destroyers standard displacement of 5100 tons, with a displacement of 6500 tons, with anti submarine warfare is the main task of design, and the use of composite gas turbine electric propulsion system, gear box biaxial propulsion Asahi class destroyer of each axis each into a LM-2500 ICE high speed gas turbine and motor. This ship is driven by two motors two units of 2.8 MW gas turbine generator and a 1.8 MW diesel engine, propulsion motor is mainly used for low-speed silent navigation mode, for example can be used in the release of towed linear array sonar search for submarine maneuvering, low speed sonar can ensure the effective use, low self noise can improve the ship sonar system at the same time propulsion motor and a small gas turbine power generator efficiency, and is conducive to the ship's underwater target is hidden, which is the sea of Japan for the first time since the electric propulsion system used in naval battle.

" in addition, Asahi class destroyers compared to akizuki class destroyer change is the biggest difference in the appearance of the main radar. Due to the Asahi class anti submarine warfare as the core, so FCS-3A phased array radar is the original foundation level dress into simple models OPY-1A, back-end processing equipment has shrunk, can also reduce the number of air defense missile guidance. At the same time, because of the equipment is reduced, the Asahi level will be the original foundation level distributed radar array layout (four arrays is the original foundation level two above the top of the bridge group, hangar two group) all integrated into the front bridge. In order to meet the need of anti submarine warfare, the Asahi level above the OPY-1A phased array radar, it is also equipped with a dual X band high precision near the sea search radar, for the Japanese domestic P-1 maritime patrol aircraft are equipped with the Toshiba HPS-106 phased array radar for ship modification, mainly used for submarine periscope search.

", for an anti submarine ship, sonar configuration is crucial. Asahi class destroyers equipped with the loss of the main OQQ-24 / passive sonar, improved version of the OQQ-22 are equipped for the foundation level, improve the ability to deal with complex signals. A OQR-4 double stern towed array sonar, the same as the improved version of the OQR-3 type with the foundation level, improve the signal positioning capability. The type two sonar with multimode signal processing ability, can handle the echo signal caused by the other ships of the active sonar, avoid many ships in the same waters also use active sonar detection caused by mutual interference, improve the search capability of submarine fleet.

" in the configuration of Shipborne weapons, Asahi class destroyers and destroyer of the same moon. The bow equipped with a MK-45 made Mod.4 type 127 mm gun gun, a rear mounted four group eight mounted a total of 32 units MK-41 made vertical launch system. In a MK-15 Block.1B phalanx CIWS mounted on the rear and vertical hair hangar top ship midship installation of two groups of four mounted Japanese made 90 anti-ship missile launchers and two sets of triple Japan made 12 anti submarine torpedo tube. The operation of a SH-60K ship hangar
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