The real version of the X-Men? Chinese robot police have been on duty

Robots movies Hollywood X-Men

huanqiuwang· 2017-10-12 16:44:30

[global network reporter Zhang Yang smart] according to the Malaysia Chronicle reported on October 12th, "Robocop" is the classic Hollywood movie series, but it is a science fiction movie, to realize the need for a long period of time estimation, but Chinese clearly had forced to wait, with the competition in the field of artificial intelligence is increasing China, has been ahead of the robot used in police practice, to assist in the maintenance of social order.

" American science fiction film Robocop

Chinese in the National Day holiday, Tiananmen square near the National Museum saw a robot to maintain the order of the police, the appearance of the robot police circle pier body is more like a vacuum cleaner, equipped with the most advanced facial recognition software, in addition to the body printed on the badge is a deterrent force, the robot's voice is also very strict, to remind people to keep order tour.


robot police police repeatedly reminded the crowd, "orderly queue, with security checks, please show ID, not crowded. "

this machine to police at 18 km / h speed, equipped with sensors can detect explosives, drugs and weapons, to four high-definition camera, the shock arm can be extended, if necessary, can be initiated by the remote control electric shock attacks on people. In Chinese mainly used in public places, such as passengers are used to answer questions at the airport, face recognition of the passengers, independent judgment and upload information to suspicious security agencies, in addition, can also monitor the air quality and weather etc.. Researchers at the National University of Defense Technology in China say robot police will gradually emerge in more public places like banks and schools.

" at present, police robot market is still in the initial stage, the market is expected to reach 10 billion yuan of the scale, currently encountered challenge is that the price is too high, if a single price dropped to 100 thousand yuan or less, are more likely to accept the market. But even so, the popularity of the robot police also need a long period of time. The

and Hollywood movie Robocop almost omnipotent, the robot police self-protection capability is very poor, but it will go on patrol and two humans carry loaded guns police advise those who want to move crooked brains, or to think twice.

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