Net exposure three 094 and a 093 nuclear submarine together appeared in Sanya

Submarines missiles ballistic missiles Sanya

huanqiuwang· 2017-10-12 16:44:34

recently appeared on the Internet, suspected in the Sanya region appeared three 094 strategic nuclear submarine and a 093 attack submarine submarine common appearance. And there is a 052D missile destroyer in the base. Figure: Liaoning commander

" recently, "China science and Technology Award" magazine website published an article entitled "listen to the silent thunder first prize -- the 2016 annual National Science and Technology Progress Award winner, a Chinese second generation nuclear submarine division the Zhang Jinlan team". Military observers believe that China second generation nuclear submarine described in the passage with the quality of missile capabilities, "

" should be the type 094 nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine. Reported that Zhang Jinlan will summarize all kinds of innovative engineer second generation nuclear submarine is three big leap. The paper said "in nuclear technology has two difficulties, one is to study the single and double structure of large size, large depth, dense long hole, the other one is water dive shot. "This is the type 094 nuclear submarines and 092 submarine difference generation boats only single,

two generation boat realized bursts. Large size, large depth, dense row of single and double hole structure mentioned in this paper refers to the use of the double shell most important cabin, cabin using a single shell, the single and two hybrid advantages can be integrated in single and double shell submarine, and avoid the disadvantages of single and double shell submarine. This type of structure at present, and the foreseeable future is the use of advanced nuclear submarine shell structure

" submarine by recoil emits a huge and complex effect of hydrodynamic moment missile under water balance is destroyed. The continuous launch also requires the submarine to resume the depth and attitude permitted by the missile within a given time, which puts forward high requirements for submarine control. Therefore, the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles for nuclear submarines, from single to continuous firing, is undoubtedly a major technological leap.

" as reported in general nuclear submarine has two loop, the first loop is to bring out the nuclear reactor heat, as the original power heating water into steam; the second loop is used to supply the steam boat generator device. The main circulating pump in nuclear power plant pressurized water reactor (abbreviated as main pump) is an impeller pump, also called a coolant pump.

main pump is used to overcome the resistance encountered in a coolant loop system, high temperature and high pressure coolant forced through the pressurized water reactor and a loop circulation flow, continue to release the core of nuclear fuel fission reaction heat transfer to the steam generator (second loop), to produce steam to drive a turbine to work, ensure a reliable working loop system. All parts of the

in the reactor, only the main circulating pump is in motion, the other is static, so people call the main circulating pump for nuclear reactors in the heart, but also reflects the important position in the reactor, the main pump. For nuclear submarines, the main circulating pump is one of the most important sources of noise. It not only gives a powerful noise, but also consumes about 10% of the output power of the reactor.

" nuclear submarine with natural circulation PWR, which can ensure to take the reactor in case of any heat, and in the middle and low speed condition is not used by the main pump, so as to ensure the safety of the premise to eliminate work the noise in the low speed conditions, the main pump, which can improve the whole and reduce the noise of two kinds of purpose.

second generation missile submarines to achieve complex weapon system network, the invention of a new type of shock absorber, anechoic tiles, protection of the submarine achieved excellent air, large depth of torpedo launch, completed the transformation and tracking of multiple targets from a target to the. This shows that China's ballistic missile submarine's combat capability, information processing capability, submarine living environment have been greatly improved.

the China nuclear submarine mentioned several times at the beginning of the design, on the use of a variety of new technologies in noise reduction. It is widely believed that the 094 type ballistic missile submarine was built and improved on the basis of the type 093 attack nuclear submarine. Therefore, the development schedule and quality of the large wave type two submarine launched missiles and the 093 type nuclear attack submarine determine the progress and quality of the development of the 094 type nuclear missile submarine.

" after a domestic Chinese journal content had shown that the submarine noise reduction technology in key - isolation technology, China on 2012 before the implementation of similar foreign
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