Flagship debut, NOKIA 9 exposure

NOKIA exposure oil Xiaolong

aigaoji· 2017-10-12 16:52:19


in HMD under the leadership of NOKIA's new flagship NOKIA 8 has been part of the market in the sale, but I believe some oil for NOKIA 8 is not very satisfactory, the good news is that this year NOKIA seems to be the strongest machine is not it, but now the exposure of the NOKIA 9.

" according to the great God broke Onleaks, foreign media have made NOKIA 9 3D rendering map, can see the overall design is smooth, the design also try to use a narrow frame, but could not determine whether or not a popular full screen design, broke the news that is equipped with a 5.5 inch screen 2K level. The processor is naturally Xiaolong 835, maintaining the configuration of 4G, RAM+64/128G, and ROM. Post dual camera without any suspense, fingerprint identification is also integrated in the back, the middle of the design is very good balance, but the camera is still protruding. NOKIA 9 design style and the previous Lumia series is more similar, do not know the oil for this legendary NOKIA 2017 strongest flagship how to see?

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Flagship debut, NOKIA 9 exposure

Flagship debut, NOKIA 9 exposure

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