Millet discrimination, as well as Sora Aoi who had hugged Lei Jun

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waidaodao· 2017-10-12 16:52:32

2012 January 15th, where customers at the peak annual meeting, Sora Aoi surprise appeared. Instant atmosphere. Including all passengers aged CEO, millet technology executives, former angel investor Xue Manzi Lei have power and hug, I said. "In more than half of the year," he said, "when he saw the legendary Sora Aoi, he saw her writing calligraphy and asked her when to study calligraphy, and asked her who was to be there.". She said that the Japanese youth to learn calligraphy, to Chinese began to learn the book, don't copy. "

, but the calligraphy loving Xue Zi may not have thought of it. The headline was" millet Lei Jun and Sora Aoi "embracing photos. In the picture, ray always laughs like a child.

3 months later,. Lei Jun in micro-blog @ the "millet company", query: where customers have 4 spokesmen, millet who would like to choose? "Millet company" answer: we all recommend Sora Aoi.

really, not long, there are news articles everywhere, Chuan Cang teacher m Millet's endorsement of the product, the cost of not less than 7 digits. May be the propaganda effect is extremely good, after millet began repeatedly with Japanese actress who ogle. Our famous Japanese actress Laura TAKISAWA, etc., all frequently occurred in the millet or endorsement conference or the annual meeting of the press release.

at that time, millet HR recruitment plan can always be particularly easy to complete. The Japanese are also became a lot of people in Millet's expectations, if the day comes the goddess of luck, the Japanese will have much advantage, with the lower half thinking can be figured out.

, but millet want to hit the high-end economic impact from the cock wire, unfortunately, even the goddess of choice painting styles have changed. At the annual meeting of millet last year, Europe and America model underwear show the most exciting scene, once more than Ray sum, Cang teacher in (fan) Hui (KE) Nian (Lake) on the shore of the warm embrace.

after the ups and downs, recently Millet's innovation department director Qin Tao (Chinese calendar founder), on campus lectures will be confident about, "if you are a Japanese student, then you can go. Or we can send you to a movie business! "At least two hundred students were said to have laughed at the scene.

then the "Japanese professional discrimination gate" broke out. Presumably once and Cang teacher on the same stage of Lei Jun, there must be the impulse to hit, after all, loved, oh, no, after all, was a Japanese film actress.

now, after the media continued fermentation, simple processing and official apology statement, not only failed to completely subsided from all walks of life "anger", but attracted criticism on another wave of chase. This is bad for the millet, which is now at a critical point in transition.

should be questioned, but don't ask and expect millet will modify the decision

simple matter, in the recruitment process, Qin Tao total has made two mistakes, no doubt.

, your "put it down in black and white is not limited to professional recruitment" in the statement, but after it entered the hall directly to the "Japanese" clear, this is obviously the fault.

on the other hand is caused by insulting vocabulary metaphor a great disturbance, professional and career direction discrimination of female students, although to some extent may ridicule the composition of the majority, but in the public, equivalent to the effect of naming was vulgar.

objectively speaking, speech is the expression of ideas, public and private difference is that whether the quality on the surface to accept moral criticism, insults do not feel shallow, but bystanders understand is not obviously, Qin Tao made a double fault.

but the matter after exposure, Qin Tao suffered from all criticism, Qin Tao millet as a service company, deep vortex is inevitable.

, however, the Internet discrimination pot, in fact, should not only be thrown to millet one. The boundaries of discrimination are also hard to define. The yellow area beauty group

before the full range of job discrimination, after a wretched metaphor of millet executives, the company's fault lies in defiance of Internet freedom and equality line, more reality is not in the exposure range discrimination status. For example, the rich Ali, HR will show a strong business in the recruitment, let the candidates feel actually received. In the background of Tencent know almost platform, can be seen everywhere related tucao.

also recently pushed a rather baffling news is "the true story of Ren Zhengfei" in the story, a Peking University Graduate staff wrote a 10000 word book is Ren Zhengfei, the result is approved: "this if there is a mental illness, recommended to the hospital treatment, if not ill, dismissed suggestions. "In this example is full of positive reports, and do not say only one thing with the dismissal of employees is not biased, in accordance with the" mental illness "that is not also touch discrimination against mental illness?

two, Qin Tao in the recruitment of public occasions on behalf of the company is indeed false, but this insulting remarks obviously with personal color, in the final analysis, the more exposed is a person's quality problems. The enterprise itself was unable to control a fire team executives will character burst, even recognize a person may not be enough time to pure individual quality and character to speculate about a company, will inevitably be subjective deliberately.

as for the "criticism", the punishment was

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Millet discrimination, as well as Sora Aoi who had hugged Lei Jun

Millet discrimination, as well as Sora Aoi who had hugged Lei Jun

Millet discrimination, as well as Sora Aoi who had hugged Lei Jun