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Apple iPhone 2017 progress report paper and packaging strategy

zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-10-12 16:52:35

Zhongguancun online news: apple is a great company of science and technology, in the market continue to reach record highs, create more business value, product value and customer experience at the same time also has been to fulfill the corresponding social responsibilities, the Apple Corp has always attaches great importance to the protection of the earth's environment, streamlining, development and use of recycled materials degradation on the product packaging, and every year the external publicity of the "annual report" environmental progress, these are not difficult to see the Apple Corp on the obligation and determination of environmental responsibility. 2017 progress report

"(the Apple Corp announced the photograph from Apple's official website)

in recently Apple Corp and share new packaging paper and white paper" strategy "(hereinafter referred to as the white paper), the book explains how to reduce further the Apple Corp how to protect the forest and the creation of sustainable forest, packaging paper.

white paper describes the Apple Corp in the iPhone product packaging for environmental protection efforts: from iPhone 6S to iPhone 7, the Apple Corp will iPhone in the 6S package two stacked plastic tray (respectively containing equipment and accessories), in the iPhone 7 package with a new design, using only a single tray holds equipment with accessories, significantly reducing the amount of packaging materials.

iPhone 7 package with a new design (picture taken from Apple's official website)

white paper also mentioned that Apple's environmental protection team also found a method for manufacturing a fiber based material tray, instead of using petroleum based plastics. This new material has been successfully applied in packaging products including iPhone 7, iPhone 7 also makes plastic dosage was 84% lower than the iPhone 6S, and for the new iPhone just released last month of the 8 series, apple uses a more environmentally-friendly design, replacing the plastic protective sleeve charger.

iPhone 7 iPhone 6S was significantly lower than the amount of plastic (picture taken from foreign media

) this small change for the annual shipments of Yu Qian million iPhone in the environmental contribution should not be underestimated. The white paper also further emphasizes the three major focus of Apple's efforts in environmental protection:

1. through the use of renewable energy sources to reduce the impact of climate change, increase energy efficiency of products and facilities.

2. through the efficient use of materials, in the product more use, recycling and renewable components, as well as in the product after the stop use, recycling materials, saving precious resources.

3. seeks, develops and uses safer materials in products and processes.

in addition, Apple's hot EarPods wireless headset packaging also uses the above-mentioned white paper referred to in the new materials and new design, further reduce the production process of the use of materials.

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