Amazon burst Kindle 10th Anniversary Edition, which is hands-on experience

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Like Apple's iPhone,

's Kindle e-book reader has been going on for tenth years this year. Perhaps in order to commemorate the 10th anniversary, Amazon launched "the best in the history of the Kindle" name is still Kindle Oasis, compared to the previous generation, a larger screen, the appearance of the details of improvement, support audiobooks, waterproof.

larger screen

, new Oasis screen increased to 7 inches, pixel density to 300ppi. Amazon Co said it is currently the largest screen screen is fine Kindle, compared with the old version of the Oasis 6 inch screen, the screen space increased by more than 30%, this is the most significant differences in this update.

version of the Kindle Oasis of the old

compared with the other larger screen, the fuselage space also allow the battery to have more places, when Oasis is used on battery design: small battery built in the main body, now do not need.

version of the new Oasis

nylon and leather back into Aluminum Alloy material, looks very beautiful, where only the thinnest 3.4 mm, weight 194 grams of white Paperwhite is lighter than 10 grams. Amazon said that the new Oasis glass layer is by far the most powerful configuration, upgrade, the new +512MB RAM dual core 1GHz processor is the most powerful, it can let you flip more quickly, of course, physical PgUp also retained the design, formation and body asymmetry.

, some of the foreign media experiencing it, said: "it's comfortable, balanced, and the touch screen is responsive.". The text on the screen is clear and the contrast is excellent.

it is worth noting that the backlight section now has 12 LEDs instead of 10 on the original oasis. The extra LED seems to help light shine more evenly across the screen, but considering the screen is large, it seems normal to have two more backlit lights. What's worth talking about is adaptive brightness design, which has been used for many years on mobile phones and now comes to Kindle. In different light situations, reading also has a better experience.

no longer battery life Amazon clearly wrote how many hours before it can be life, as well as several generations of electronic ink screen this thing only when it changes the costs of electricity, the use of specific time with the relevant page. So the official website description is:

, if read half an hour every day, in the case of wireless connections closed, even if the reading light brightness is set to "10", a charge can also work for 6 weeks. Battery life will vary depending on the brightness of the lights and the use of wireless connections.

in view of its body size, we think it's not difficult to chase the next few generations of Paperwhite or Voyage. Waterproof design:

Oasis is the first to support the new waterproof Kindle, IPX8 waterproof grade, which means that it can be completely immersed in 2 meters deep water for 60 minutes, this seems to be the addition of a "side of the bath while reading the scene to it, but Mason made it clear that in the sub page, and design this product is not for use under water.

Aluminum Alloy back

this is all waterproof mobile phone will have official description, although the waterproof, but manufacturers are not recommended in the corrosive water, hot water (bath) and other places. SONY mobile phone has modified the warranty before, if the mobile phone water damage, not in the warranty range. Another major improvement in the

sound part, the

new Oasis, is to support sound playback on the device. The previous Kindle has no headphone interface (an ink screen device doesn't work at all), nor does it now, and Amazon is stepping into the era of wireless connectivity. It can be made with a Bluetooth headset or a built-in speaker, and you can switch between an audio version and an ebook version. But words cannot appear when you listen to an audio reader.

for older versions of Kindle, if they had Bluetooth hardware, they could also support sound reading through system upgrades, but old equipment without Bluetooth modules would not support it.

finally talk about price price in the United States, the capacity of the 8GB version and 32GB version starts at $250, $280, $350 32GB+ cellular data version of 8GB and 32GB; the corresponding version is 2399 and 2658 yuan, the cellular data version No. All versions of

are available globally and will be available on sale in October 31st. Sina

commented: Although we have always said that Kindle just export Amazon only, but in order to attract more users, they still have to look at the product from time to time to update the hardware. Comparison of mobile phone or tablet, the new Kindle also embarked on a "stacking" the road, 2000 yuan compared to iPad seems to be the price is not high, so Amazon did more preparation, from 500 yuan to 2500 yuan files have a layout, new Oasis, is this one of the most extravagant choice. (Xiao Guang)

, the current Kindle product line,

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Amazon burst Kindle 10th Anniversary Edition, which is hands-on experience

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