Why not consider an apple bike?

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weifengwang· 2017-10-12 16:52:51

with the development of technology, we will have more choices when we are traveling. Besides cars, we can also put our eyes on bicycles. This week, the $149 "SmartHalo" bike system is officially on the apple retail store, which may give us more inspiration.

SmartHalo" is just an ordinary bicycle bell size, while SmartHalo has the advantage of using a built-in LED aperture to human-computer interaction, through the aperture of the "Moon" to the reality of the navigation information, simple and clear. For example, the green semicircle on the right lights up to indicate the right turn, and blinks the right turn now. Left top light green, 1/4 circles mean left small turn. The light red below, the semicircle indicates a U turn.

", of course, the role of SmartHalo is more than just these. Its built-in accelerometer, light sensors, etc., real-time tracking of riders riding a variety of data. For example, riding distance, riding time, average speed, and calories consumed, etc.. At the same time, SmartHalo also report the alarm function, if someone steals the car, the red light flashes at the same time the first time to send a notice.

, the company said its equipment can be safely connected to any type of bike handlebar. It paired up with the cyclist's iPhone via Bluetooth, and used the SmartHalo application. Just like driving when you don't want to be disturbed, you need to put your iPhone in your pocket while you're cycling, and then you can see all directional guidance you need on the SmartHalo.

" in the security considerations, the accessories used locking system of military grade, do not have to worry about the problem from installation and.

SmartHalo can make bicycles a great Apple accessory, too. But, like Apple Watch, can we ask for more? For example, by combining GPS module tracking, GPRS module Internet connection and low energy Bluetooth, as well as an embedded SIM card, to reduce bicycle theft. You can put the equipment on the handle, and if your bike is stolen, you (and Jing, CHA) can track and locate your bike. More sensors can also make bicycles more intelligent.

cars will become more intelligent, and sharing plans will become more widespread. In the auto driving program, it is learned that Apple has shifted its focus to developing an autopilot system. Maybe apple in building a self driving car system or automatic driving vehicle at the same time, you can consider to build a apple bicycle, no doubt this is apple bicycle includes many black technology, and at present there are related products on the shelves of the apple retail stores, apple a bike? Why not?

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