The British government reports that Chinese children have rolled out local natives

Britain children education Shanghai

guanchazhewang· 2017-10-12 17:17:20

According to WeChat, "China

public school" reported yesterday (October 11th), the British government issued a report on all the races in the British life status report. Among them, the survey on education has surprised the british. 5-18 year old Chinese academic performance in schools, the overall rolling of all other British groups. The

report called "race" (Ethnicity facts and figures index site), through education, housing, health, welfare, crime and community culture of these six aspects, the investigation of all ethnic groups living in the UK, so as to provide a reference for government policy. As an independent ethnic group, the English Chinese (Chinese) is also one of the subjects under investigation.

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in this part of the Chinese news sent the most important education of Chinese children in the school's academic performance is excellent, it is dumped the white British soil (White British) a few blocks.

took the children aged 7-11 in reading, writing and math percentage standard, with 71% Chinese performance beat the pack, even far beyond the second ranked American India (65%), and ranked third in the Asian and Caucasian mixed (63%).

", "class=" and "math" alone, the Chinese are thriving. At the age of 7-11, the proportion of math achievement standards, the Chinese to 92% of the data exceeded the second largest in India, 10 percentage points, not to mention the British white people, only 69% of the standard rate.

" in 7-11 years and the excellent rate of reading, writing and math on the three, the excellent rate of Chinese is 18%, ranked first.

" report, 7-11 year old Chinese students in reading, writing and math attainment rate and excellent rate is first.

someone might have said, "Chinese people are good at math. They'll definitely raise the average.". Let us look at the children of 7-11 in English grammar, punctuation and spelling on the performance of the same age in Chinese also reached the standard rate (87%) and (46%) the excellent rate of average scores and converted (108 points) on these three won the first.

" in the 14-16 year old GCSE (the equivalent of Yu Ying in the "examination") examination achievement ratio, with 62% Chinese "win again".

(FSM, generally enjoy a free lunch for the children of low-income families will have a free lunch) group, Chinese children with the standard grades proportion of 59% in the first row.

" in Chinese is EBacc (a UK study student performance index), the standard rate of entrance score (63%) and the graduation standard rate (52%) of three A grades and 16-18 year old A Levels exam (24% is the first of several). Among the more than a dozen surveys on education, Chinese students are generally the best in school performance at the age of 5-7, 7-11, 11-16 and 16-18, four years old.

compared with this, the British mainland whites not only lags far behind the Chinese in the academic performance of these schools, but also enjoy free lunch in the group, with 39% of the standard achievement ratio to become the penultimate. Plus Britain had the highest rates of overweight and was diagnosed with the lowest age of cancer, and the three findings, which were "left behind" by the daily mail, said local whites were "totally backward"".

" is British teenagers smoking in the proportion of the outstanding performance, has become one of the high proportion of the population smoking.

saw the Chinese students in the UK schools are so excellent, the British friends refused to accept the "message to: the results of these surveys that people in Pakistan and Sri Lanka with the African American minimum hourly wage, the hourly wages of American India with the highest, while the Chinese children in school is the best, this only shows that it is a national culture, has nothing to do with race.

", indeed, the Chinese emphasis on education is a tradition, but also a national culture. From the Chinese parents to the English school district room sought after, you can see that parents attach importance to education.

take London, a few universities have always been Chinese like "get together" to buy a house. According to the Sunday times, according to data from a property company in West London, 70% of foreign buyers account for 60% of all Chinese students who buy books for their children. Enter the top public primary school

" at this stage of the competition is very intense, and even some schools the number of applicants and enrollment ratio as high as 9: 1. Plus part of the region due to
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