China's richest man substitutions, net worth rose nearly 200 billion!

Guangdong Foshan Biguiyuan real estate

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just released the Hurun Report 2017!

this is the Hu Run Research Institute since 1999

released nineteenth times "Hu Run rich list"

threshold list for five consecutive years to maintain 2 billion

list this year ushered in a new

for the first time the summit, he is the richest man from Xu Jiayin Hengda

first half of his personal wealth value rose by nearly 200 billion

reached a record high of 2900 billion

following Nandu Jun take you look at this year's

list of what are the highlights of

… …

4 ten people living in Guangdong before the <

01 / /strong>

real estate industry halved

, the top ten in the IT industry in the year, there are 4; set foot in the real estate industry reduced by half last year, to 3. The top ten average age of 49, 5 years younger than last year's ten. As of the date of

*" for the calculation of wealth rich list in August 15th of this year, consistent with last year

59 year old Xu Jiayin Hengda to 290 billion yuan for the first time to become the richest man in Chinese. He also squeezed Ma Huateng, becoming the richest man in Guangdong.

Hengda in the first half of this year successfully introduced two rounds of 70 billion strategic investments, and quickly paid off 112 billion 900 million sustainable debt, asset liability ratio fell to 75.5%, the same period the share price growth of nearly 5 times. Hu Run said: "Xu Jiayin's wealth growth is the first half of this year, up 200 billion, an average day up 1 billion, which is 99 years, the fastest growth rate of wealth.". "

46 year old Ma Huateng wealth increased by 85 billion to 250 billion yuan beyond Ma ranked second. Recently, Tencent's share price has reached a record high this year, and has risen by more than 60% this year. WeChat combined monthly active accounts close to 1 billion. Tencent's results also benefit from the size of the game has reached 200 million people, "king of glory.". In March this year, Ma Huateng "hand in hand" the world's most dynamic entrepreneur Mask (Elon Musk), Tencent through its investment in the Yellow River, 12 billion yuan to acquire 5% stake in tesla. Tencent entered the world's top 500 for the first time this year, with market capitalisation approaching three trillion. Ma Yun

just even sing four songs, 53 year old Jack Ma and his family
wealth has shrunk 2%, relegated to the third to 200 billion yuan. Alibaba's stock price performance this year, from the beginning of less than $90 rose to the current 178 U. S. dollars, Alibaba market value exceeded three trillion. In the first half of this year, Alibaba sales exceeded 50 billion yuan, an increase of 56%. Ant gold clothing market capitalization is currently breaking 400 billion yuan. Alibaba entered the world's top 500 for the first time this year. The

report said: "although Ali stock price doubled, ant gold dress well, but MA in ant gold clothing shares from 35.5% last year dropped to 1.2%, similar to Ren Zhengfei, HUAWEI has a low stock. , if Ma did not send out his shares in the ants, he was still China's richest man. "

in Guangdong, Foshan, 36 year old Yang Huiyan wealth increased by about 100000000000 to 160 billion yuan from twenty-second last year rose rapidly, back in the top ten to fourth. Yang Huiyan is the only woman in the top ten of the year. In the first three quarters of this year, the country garden sales scale exceeded 400 billion yuan. Since its release in mid August, stock prices have risen all over the country.

63 Wang Jianlin and his family wealth 60 billion bid farewell to the throne of the richest man, to 155 billion yuan in fifth, this is the first time in five years, Wang Jianlin fell out of the top three.

Wanda Commercial 13 text brigade project 91% stake at a price of 43 billion 800 million yuan transferred to financial innovation, financial record Sun Hongbin wealth increased by 62 billion 500 million this year; the 77 hotel price to 19 billion 900 million yuan transferred to real estate, decimating the tension of wealth growth this year to 3. In the cultural sector, theaters still account for 40% of Wang Jianlin's wealth.

Wanda this year to accelerate the light capitalization. The 29 year old Wang Sicong personal wealth 5 billion, in addition to the Wanda Group in wealth, its own operating capital for Internet broadcast push economic boom and profitable.

47 year old Wang Wei SF to 150 billion for the first time on Hurun wealth, ranked sixth.

Baidu Robin Li and his wife Ma Dongmin, wealth increased by 28% to 125 billion yuan, up 1 to seventh.

America hexiangjian, son of He Jianfeng wealth increased by 47% to 115 billion yuan rise
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China's richest man substitutions, net worth rose nearly 200 billion!

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