3 boys rescued falling water girl, 2 days later was detention

Kids suspects WAL-MART Audi

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More than 3

10 the morning of 10 August, after 8 hours of squatting, Hangzhou Yuhang police in a nearby cafe Xiasha, Wei suspect on suspicion of theft, Wang, Cheng three people arrested.

these three people, very familiar with the Yuhang police, just two days ago, they have just been to Nanyuan police station to receive praise, what's the matter?

", things should start four days ago. In October 8th 4 a.m., there are three girls in the vicinity of Linping WAL-MART supermarket bar, after more than three people came to the supermarket on the opposite side of the Tong River, the daze, two of them found another companion, do not know how, fell into the pond on the river.

" this, a few people are awake, there is a girl wearing a grey coat and went to the lotus Huazhou Street shouted for help, while the police. Just at the junction on the standing 3 boys, the boys went down to the river to save, this section of the river is not deep, only about 1 meters 5, drowning girl boys pull to the shore, but the river is 3, 4 meters high, four people on the shore waiting for rescue.

, after a few minutes, the Nanyuan police station, the police, firefighters have come.

in the rescue of the police said, "no light on the riverbank, saw four people sitting in the river on the mound, later found three boys and a girl, the fire brigade put down the ladder, four people have climbed up the river. There is a boy's clothes were wet, should be to save the drowning girl, but not too willing to talk, then we can only back to the place, the three boys night rescue is not easy, we also praise their good deeds. After daybreak, the drowning girl was picked up by the parents, and the other two girls left. "

, but at 9 a.m. that morning, with another warning, the identities of the three men were revealed. They didn't appear here for no reason at all.

more than 9 o'clock in the morning, Nanyuan police station received Mr. Zhou's alarm, saying that 3000 yuan cash in his car disappeared. Mr.

Zhou more than 10 o'clock the night before, parked his Audi parked in the Nanyuan street, East Lake district outside the parking space, the results of the morning of October 8th to pick up the car, found the anomaly.

"the day before I took the more than 5000 pieces of money, then take 3000 dollars in the wallet, the wallet on the handbrake behind, I remember the night after getting off, doors and windows are locked. But as soon as I started the car, I found that the copilot's door was not closed, and again, there was a gap in the door. It certainly didn't work. There must be something wrong. "

"Mr. Zhou delta car

Mr. Zhou immediately see the car, indeed, the purse is not in the original position, but was placed in the passenger seat, inside the 3000 yuan in cash was gone.

Nanyuan police station conducted a survey on the scene, police said, Mr. Zhou's car not pry marks, messy car, should be turned, the car only less than 3000 yuan in cash, not something else. Lost.

"we according to monitoring the investigation, found 3 men suspected of committing the crime, the time in October 8th to around 3 in the morning, the 3 men after Mr. Zhou, the Audi car at the time, but also in the car for a moment, a great crime suspects suspicious appearance and movements. "But the

video tracking, police found more than four times in the morning, the three suspects appeared in WAL-MART near the supermarket, with the fire trucks, ambulances and police cars, … …

"video in a police car, fire the car, ambulance is to save the girl into the drunk on the river. And the night police praised three save young man, incredibly is these three have just visited here suspects. After the

three were locked, the police soon got their track of action. After careful investigation, the police found that the three people in the Xiasha Development Zone for a long time activities, and soon three people were locked in residence.

is involved in the arrest of the police said, three people love the Internet mainly in Xiasha a cafe, the police in their regular Internet cafes near Dundian, squat for 8 hours, 3 people were arrested.

after examination, three suspects are Wei (male, 23 years old, Guizhou nationality), Wang (male, 25 years old, Zhejiang Jiande Ji), Cheng Mou (male, 22 years old, Anhui nationality).

three according to the personal account, they are friends, but there is no fixed work, usually also have the Dayton, caught in the Internet, several people have only 5 cents.

before they also come together to steal, they came to Linping, stole a total of 3 days, successfully 4 times. Mainly wait until

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