This is the "three world" such as the final fantasy test a beautiful open tomorrow

The game fight three dragon pass

danglewangshoujiyouxi· 2017-10-12 19:35:07

in most people's minds, the world is full of smoke and fire, all the three generals are very serious, ready to slaughter. The game launched by NetEase such as "three" aesthetic style to create a unique three world, take a look!

many three themes of the game with realistic style, all day looking at serious generals, will inevitably feel depressed. "Three dragon biography" choose Q adorable beautiful route, here, all mighty tough generals become beautiful and handsome, the game scene has become beautiful charming (like a fairyland of Xuzhou, Snow gleams white. Yizhou, silent mysterious Yangzhou), you can enjoy the scenery in leisure time, can feel a magnificent three world the magnificent.

" in addition to the beautiful scenes and characters, the game's horse is a big bright spot. In the history of the Three Kingdoms, each star has its own horse, is a yearning. To this end, the game introduces the horse system, you can call their horses and fought the red, Lu, and other well-known. Three mounts can for game player sent, they have their own a set of basic attributes, can provide strong support for the fight, if you want to travel quickly in the world, they are the best choice for riding. Travel, together with their horses in battle, as real as the incarnation of the three generals!

"three dragon biography" introduced "chess" settings, you can not only set before the battle formation, but also can change the generals in battle stance, in addition, the fighting environment is also key, in order to win, you need to fully understand different environmental authorities terrain, if we make good use of (lit, barrels of gunpowder in the scene with stones to attack the opponent, etc.) will be able to get great advantages in the difficult battle. Enjoy yourself in a free, tactical fight!

the conclusion is only a part of many game content, but also play more slowly into the experience of the game, the test was carried out in the Android platform, in the aesthetic of the three world travel!

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