"Attack of the Giant 2" more character real machine demo day after the public announcement

Alan attack of the Giant 2 game game player

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-10-12 19:35:11

Koei Tecmo has released the latest intelligence animation game adaptation "attack of the Giant 2", including some roles will debut in the game, and the "Daily" system. Alan Jaeger

(CV: Wei Yu expensive)

for the young actor, looking forward to the wall after the invasion in the world, the giant had witnessed his mother killed, in the 104 stage training corps after graduation to join the Investigation Corps, calm and easy to lose, the undisguised disgust, fear of corruption will hold very an intense hatred of the giants.

" (Seley Ackerman CV Ishikawa Yui)

Alan's childhood sweetheart, half of Japan's blood flow, childhood has been Alan save a life, regard Alan as the most close relatives are not from around, and Alan joined the Investigation Corps, a a strong fighting force.

" (Amin Arnold CV Inoue Marina)

Alan's childhood sweetheart, the wall was longing for the world, love to cry even though he often go to the negative direction, has a unique analysis in fact and precise judgment.

" (Lever Ackerman CV Shinya Hiroshi)

Investigation Corps captains, the strongest human warrior, a man of one wind assessment brigade, rough and neurotic personality, although the tongue but full of sense of responsibility, by the head of the Elvin trust.

" (Mick Zacharias CV Miyake Kenta)

Investigation Corps captain of strength only once will, a keen sense of smell, quiet, bad love is the first meeting of the soldiers side smell smell edge sneer.

Nanaba (CV Shimoda Asami)

Investigation Corps elite, has good strength, critical juncture also cool, accurate orders, often with Mick, Georgia, together with the implementation of the task.

", (CV: Lai Kang)

Investigation Corps of the elite, the battlefield is good at using the experience launched decisive attack to the giants, and Mick Nanaba, together with the implementation of the task.

"attack of the Giant 2" adapted from TV animation in the second season, game player can experience the peace time "Daily", to explore in the street, triggering events and dialogue, deepen the role of fetters.

" in the game and exercise ability in different places, the development of new equipment and skills, in order to strengthen their efforts to defeat the Giants game player.

"attack of the Giant 2" will be landing PS4/PSV/Switch/PC platform in 2018, October 24th will be held at 8 live, released for the actual demo.

source: gamestalk

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