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Fallen altar! Made in Japan, alarm sounded

Japan Kobe the car the yen

huaerjiejianwen· 2017-10-12 20:50:29

, another 100 year old Japanese enterprise, is deeply involved in the fraud scandal!


10 fraud on Sept. 8 in forcing the Japanese Ministry of economy, Kobe steel held a press conference to formally recognize the long-term with aluminum and copper products factory data, and the unqualified products as qualified that mark to supply the market. The

scandal shocked Japan's market and society! Kobe

steel is Japan's third largest steel company, has a history of one hundred years, the main industry for iron and steel production and sales, 66% of its products supply to Japan, half of the world's automobile spring is also produced in the enterprises. According to

reports, Kobe steel in August this year when the company internal investigation found that the group's 4 firms had tampered with the quality inspection of relevant evidence, forged the strength and the size of the data. After an overall survey of products over the past 10 years, some data have also been tampered with.

, that is to say, Kobe steel "data tampering history" can be traced back to 10 years ago!

a fraud, the whole industry crying blind. TOYOTA automobile, MITSUBISHI heavy industries and other more than 200 Japanese companies affected, spread to Japan's first domestic jet airliner MRJ, Shinkansen, Subaru, Mazda and other car brands, even the United States Boeing … …

is not the end! Scandal fermentation,

scandal continues to ferment. Kobe steel in aluminum and copper products shoddy, iron products also exposed the problems with data.

's latest confirmation is that these products have even flowed into Japan's defense sector. Local time on October 10th, the Japanese government economic ministry held a press conference on the matter, said the Kobe forged steel strength of the products may be applied to defense equipment.

MITSUBISHI heavy industries, Kawasaki heavy industries, IHI Corporation, SUBARU (Subaru) four companies confirmed the production of defense articles is also used in Kobe steel of aluminum products, but whether the security issues are also confirmed in the.

defense ministry also acknowledged that there are problems products have been applied to aircraft, missiles and other defense equipment.

" Kobe steel officials apologized

scandal erupted two days, Kobe steel on Wednesday (October 12th) in early trading shares fell 17.8% to 11, has fallen 22%, market capitalization has shrunk more than 1/3, bond spreads surged to record highs.

drop altar for decades, automobile, aircraft and bullet train manufacturers in Japan are in the use of raw materials provided by Kobe steel. Now the scandal has cast a new shadow on the reputation of Japan's precision manufacturing industry, which is one of the pillars of Japan's economy.

in fact, this is not the first time Kobe steel exposed the fraud scandal, in the Japanese corporate sector is not an isolated incident.

in the automotive industry, for example, in April 20, 2016, the Japanese MITSUBISHI car recognition fuel consumption fraud. Less than a month, the Japanese SUZUKI also made data fraud. In July 2016, the global air market share in Japan takada company traced tampered with up to 20% of the test data of … …

in the field of home appliances, Toshiba, OLYMPUS traced the financial fraud, false pre tax profits.

in the field of architecture, the building materials company in Japan and East Asia construction industry company, has traced jerry.

in the field of food, a Hokkaido barbecue chain shoddy.

in the chemical industry, the Japanese fertilizer company Taiping products fraud.

… …

has always been, in the minds of the Chinese people, "made in Japan" is synonymous with quality. Small to eye drops, large to rice cookers, and even toilet lid, Chinese aunt rushed to Japan to buy. These spate of scandals have had a huge negative impact on the credibility of Japanese companies. The superior

made in Japan, why things die? Behind the

fraud: the death knell strikes itself!

Japan's local market shrinking, lack of innovative awareness, Japanese enterprises continued to decline in competitiveness. The number of Fortune 500 companies in Japan dropped from 99 in 1996 to 51 in 2017.

" (Japanese "Fortune 500" enterprises dropped)

in order to achieve the established business objectives, some Japanese companies take the most simple way - fraud.

in the wake of the financial crisis in three years, Kobe Steel's performance worse, from 2010 to 2012 net profit fell 89 billion yen to 18 billion 100 million yen negative.

from the three major cause of Kobe Steel Group (materials, machinery, electricity), materials (steel, copper and other materials) is the cause of the biggest decline, the biggest impact on Kobe steel sales department.

graph color material business group, we can see that the net profit decline was the fastest, substantial losses in 2012. Some of the products

Japan Kobe steel production, because it can not be reached, in 10 years ago, organized to tamper with the performance data

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Fallen altar! Made in Japan, alarm sounded

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