Ant King CTO Cheng Cheng: technology is not omnipotent, there are still four boundaries

Ant payment service CTO Cheng Li technology is not universal and at present four the bo

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[ ] October 11th reported net post embarrassed news in Hangzhou Yunxi conference, ant payment service CTO Cheng Li technology development of Alipay in the past few years, the net health tips, he said, after years of development, the ant payment service has solved many key problems of technology level, but the current there are still a lot of technical breakthrough boundary.


Cheng Li pointed out that almost all Alipay leading innovative payment history, including secured transactions, fast payment, mobile payment, after the payment of the first to enjoy. “ basic ” Technology (BASIC) to support Alipay go today.

mobile payment is even called one of the four great inventions of new Alipay, to solve the problem of trust and fast payment, but the development is not a Alipay Everything is going smoothly. Cheng Li said, “ in 2010, we encounter new problems: pay experience, consumer payment success rate stalemate in 70%, can not be promoted. At this point, Alipay launched fast payment, users need only one step operation can complete the payment, the payment success rate increased from 70% to 95%. Fast payment has become the standard of various ports. After the rapid payment launched, the mobile Internet began to prevail. &rdquo

; however, Cheng Li believes that the technology is not a panacea, currently there are four technical boundaries, four “ not ” on IoT massive data real-time computation, make intelligent machines have the financial ability, level to the world every one trusted digital identity, let the whole digital world be safe and reliable.

and solve “ can not ” the way out is to open, Cheng Li said, this is also the only path. “ we have been doing open: financial cloud, open platform and wind control open, open, open credit review, open technology more and more integrity, more and more core. Provide a platform for partners, everyone on this platform to do innovation. ” (Zhou Xiaobai)

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