China's aircraft carrier cutting-edge technology to break the U.S. monopoly

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in recent years, the rapid development of our industry, the aircraft carrier warships is the same as under the dumplings, after the 001A carrier, 002 aircraft, China third aircraft carrier has type 003 is news, rumors for a long time, recently, there is news that the 003 aircraft carrier has started construction.

, it is learnt that the Chinese type 003 aircraft carrier will use electromagnetic catapult takeoff mode. The electromagnetic launch with a steam catapult has been two people taking off hot debate, conducted a contest in the 002 aircraft body, two party supporters and each one airs his own views. However, it is understandable that electromagnetic ejection has more advantages than steam ejection. It has the characteristics of small size, simple manipulation, and also represents the most advanced ejection technology at present. Once the 003 aircraft carrier by taking off in this way, will the power of multiplication, will greatly enhance the China aircraft carrier combat strength, Chinese Navy will also be a tiger with wings added.

" and said the electromagnetic launch is currently the most advanced technology, is because, in today's world, with independent R & D electromagnetic aircraft catapults, and can realize batch equipment service state is only the United States. But now, China will occupy a space for one person in the electromagnetic launch, according to some related news, before we know, at present in the China electromagnetic launch technology has to mature, and not just by considering some potential factors and has not yet solved. If it can be used in type 003 electromagnetic catapult equipped aircraft carrier, so in this field, Chinese really broke the dominance of a U.S. monopoly, then Chinese military system must also improve to a big step forward.

" to say manufacturing electromagnetic catapult principle, in fact there are still many countries know, but know is one thing, to really do it, and can be cooked can be used, it is another thing. The United States also produce electromagnetic catapult spent years, but at present the United States electromagnetic catapult technology is not absolutely mature, there are still many problems, although early equipment in the "Ford" class aircraft carrier, but because the technology is not mature, the delay "Ford service schedule" class aircraft carrier, from which we can know the existence of electromagnetic catapult technology, the difficulty is not small.

" have difficulty is certain, but Chinese military technical personnel are never difficulties, never give up? In the field of military scientific research can have many teeth to go to the end, also can be in the field of electromagnetic catapult still. At present, the significant progress made in Chinese electromagnetic catapult, and also ushered in the success of the experiment. This means that, in addition to the United States, Chinese will also be used in service equipment electromagnetic catapult carrier on the country, but also the world's second, this is a step out, but also promote the China naval career development, to contribute towards the deep blue Chinese.

Chinese electromagnetic catapult successfully developed, this news will have some countries to China olive branch, hope can order this set of equipment, in order to improve the performance of combat aircraft. First of all, made in China represents the quality, quality and process, that is, these countries buy from the United States, even if the United States agreed, it is bound to put forward a number of unreasonable buying conditions.

" as a result, the United States is also some sit, because once the Chinese in electromagnetic catapult field has a major breakthrough, will be the first in the field of technology to break the monopoly, not an American dominance in Japan will certainly after losing a lot of potential customers, and with many countries involved in the field, the United States and the threat is certainly will be invisibly weakened, this is certainly not the United States want to see. But even with the restlessness of the United States, the rise of China is irresistible and cannot be changed.

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