The economics of express price rise: industry metamorphosis under price leverage

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Tencent financial author Zhang Qingning

distance from "double eleven" electricity supplier shopping Carnival arrival there is a month, Wang Jian these two days but very anxious and busy. "

" express company this price hike made us a little unprepared". Wang Jian complained to Tencent finance. He is the owner of a home electricity supplier, in 2016 "double eleven" festival, the electronic business platform recorded hundreds of millions of yuan sales.

"we are now ready for both sides, while negotiating with the courier company next price of cooperation, while studying the part of the express delivery fee sharing mechanism, the key is that consumers can not affect the purchase experience. "

nearly three days," through express "," Yun Da "," Yuantong Express "has issued price notice. On the afternoon of October 12th, despite the fact that tact denied the price hike, the public reported that the company had raised the courier fee within a kilogram, and the price of the 0.3/ ticket was raised within one kilogram, up to 0.3 yuan in more than one kilogram.

in addition, SF temporarily does not increase prices, Shen Tong has yet to declare. The

express fee collective price adjustment occurred before the double eleven shopping carnival, supplemented by "three up" (tact, Shen Tong, Tong, rhyme) and SF respectively in 2016 on the background of capital market, the price is the price to promote the rational regression or capital?

who is most sensitive to the rising price of courier charges,

the effect of the price adjustment has not yet completely divergent. At noon on October 12th, Tencent finance from the rhyme in online inquiry that, will every kilograms of common goods from Beijing City, Henan province to send express freight reference price is still 12 yuan, compared to the previous price did not. At the same time, the freight guide price from Beijing to Henan was the same as before.

a Beijing regional rhyme franchisee outlets said in October 11th on the Tencent finance, rhyme price announcement on the franchisee, only have the guiding significance, is not a mandatory requirement, we certainly hope that the price, but the price of the business, and may be affected. "He is not sure how much consumers are willing to accept the price hike. After all, in this homogeneous low price competition industry, there is no loyalty between consumers and "three links and one up".

10" on Sept. 12, the rhyme dot franchisee in the follow up prices see tact after rumors, psychological expectations change, "now is the collective price, we (with customer price increases when a little emboldened enough). "Other two respondents in Beijing outlets franchisee, also ready to raise prices.

relative to ordinary consumers, Taobao on those businesses, is the most sensitive group of the price hike. This stems from the long sellers "mail" is the normal online shopping.

2016 "double eleven" day, Alibaba joint logistics data company rookie handling parcels amounted to 65 thousand and 700, including 467 million in 2015. Shentong transported 30 million 500 thousand parcels to the top of the day, and Yuantong ranked second with 25 million 320 thousand scores, and the results of 24 million 200 thousand and 20 million 580 thousand were ranked third and fourth respectively.

increasingly hot "double eleven" in Taobao business brings hundreds of billions of yuan sales, but also to the courier industry to bring billions of dollars in freight revenue. "Such as the overall price adjustment, Taobao business double eleven period may spend hundreds of millions of dollars of freight. Who will bear the money, or in what way? "A senior courier practitioners asked.

rational return after staking,

in accordance with the "pass, rhyme, tact" price notice shows that manpower, logistics, materials and other costs continue to rise, prompting courier fees rise.

"the current express industry employment gap is very obvious, some of the company's individual outlets, and even can not recruit couriers. "The courier industry veteran practitioners said that the industry labor costs are rising every year, the employment gap is particularly evident in the double eleven period," first-tier cities, if each courier in November revenue reached 10 thousand yuan, it will affect the quality of service delivery. "

express" has been the main industry to absorb the urban migrant labor force. With the rise of the takeaway industry and supplemented by a relatively high level of income, the labor loss of the express industry is obvious. A Beijing takeaway company staff room of Tencent Finance said, in addition to SF express higher income, "three up" express the average monthly income of five thousand or six thousand yuan mostly, "after I changed the delivery, can get seven thousand or eight thousand yuan a month. "

rhyme 2016 performance report shows that the total annual remuneration of labor outsourcing expenditures of the company is 568 million yuan, the total number of hours 34 million 60 thousand hours. This means that the average hourly salary of temporary courier is about 16.7 yuan, if the monthly income is calculated, 5000 yuan is almost the upper limit.

"this year, express companies employ temporary workers, spending 150 yuan per day between -200 yuan, which is indeed lack of competitiveness in the labor market.". Xu Yong, chief consultant of express logistics information network, said to Tencent finance, human cost is only one of the factors that raise the price of courier fees, and the material cost and logistics cost are all rising. "

Xu Yong explained that, in the context of environmental protection departments to strengthen environmental law enforcement, cartons, noodles and other basic materials prices are rising,

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