Former giant reduced to sell self-help, Konka in the end what happened?

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data following the results of the first half of 2017 caused investors to worry about, Konka Group recently announced, expressed the hope that the home appliance manufacturing and other heavy assets stripped off business, the traditional manufacturing industry "label, through investment, incubation etc. looking for new business growth.

recently, Konka announced that it intends to hold all Kang overseas city 70% stake to no less than 4 billion 145 million yuan publicly listed transfer. This involves in Shenzhen has "land" Konka old factory land.

however, this is not the first time Konka has sold its assets. In August this year, Konka announced in Hongkou District Hui River Shanghai road 25, Lane 5, three sets of real estate listed on the transfer of the property rights exchange; in June this year, Konka announced the sale of Kunshan Konka Electronics Co., Ltd. 51% stake; May of this year, Konka announced the sale of enraytek Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 22.935% stake in … …

previously, Konka first half of 2017 performance report shows that during the reporting period, the total revenue of 11 billion 406 million yuan, an increase of 32.49%. Just looking at digital Konka really reaped a lot of success, but careful analysis of the business is not as optimistic as the surface. It is understood that in the first half of this year, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is only 30 million 800 thousand yuan, the profit margin is only 0.27%. The

generation of home appliance manufacturing industry leading enterprises, is how to go today arm to survive? It may begin more than ten years ago.

is the first Sino foreign joint venture

1979 reform and opening up in December 25th, approved by the former National Foreign Investment Management Committee, China Hong Kong joint venture Guangdong Guangming overseas Chinese electronics industry limited company "the official construction, the initial investment of 43 million Hong Kong dollars, China Holdings 51%, accounting for 49% of the shares in Hong kong. In May 21st

1980, Guangming overseas Chinese Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. officially put into operation. In November of the same year in the first three board of directors above, determine the company product brand is KONKA Konka, registered trademark pattern is "KK"". After

, Konka has in the country, northeast, northwest, East, southwest of Southern China, were established in Mudanjiang Konka, Konka, Konka, Shaanxi Dongguan Anhui, Chongqing Konka Konka five color TV color TV production base, has more than 20 production lines, the annual production capacity of more than 10 million color TV sets, formed a strong production capacity.

if the rise of Konka to catch up with the opportune time is 80s, so the wave of reform and opening up, and was at the helm of Chen Weirong.

Chen Weirong and TCL Li Dongsheng, SKYWORTH and Huang Hongsheng are 78 radio students in South China University of Technology. They study in the same class, engage in the same career, and even be called "the three musketeers of Chinese laborers"". After graduation,

Chen Weirong was assigned to Guangming overseas Chinese electronic industry company in Guangdong in 1982, which is the predecessor of konka. From the most basic factory technician, to the factory director, and finally become Konka Group president. During the helm of the

, Chen Weirong participated in the restructuring of the company. In 1991, Konka Group was reorganized into a joint stock company of both Chinese and foreign public. In 1992, Konka A and B shares were listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. Subsequently, in 1993, Konka began the expansion of the national territory, the company's total assets also increased from 549 million yuan in 1992 to 8 billion 913 million yuan in the first half of 2000.

market for the first time since the loss of

2002 in April 11th, Konka released 2001 annual report, a loss of nearly 700 million yuan, is the first loss since listing in 1992. Konka

said in its annual report: "due to the adjustment of international and domestic appliance industry, the business environment continues to deteriorate, and the company of a few years ago expansion too fast, resulting in the imbalance between production and sales, market loss increase, a significant decline in operating results. "

, in fact, when 1998, Konka ranked first in the list of color TV sales exceeded Changhong, become the new hegemony of the color TV industry, the foreshadowing of the crisis has been buried. According to

statistics, only in 1998, China's new color TV production capacity exceeded the consumption capacity of 10 million units, and in the next few years, the phenomenon of "diseconomies of scale" is becoming increasingly serious. The main leaders of Chen Weirong's mind is not calm, to the mainland expansion mode is single, overestimate the capacity of rural consumption, error prediction and judgement of macroeconomic trends and market demand, resulting in production capacity and network scale expansion too fast, excessive inventory.

accompanied by huge losses, and large shareholders as Chen Weirong. In 2001, Chen Weirong submitted his resignation to the board of directors in June of the same year, Chen Weirong retired konka.

for the first time although the shock brought the first loss since listing, but with the stock sale, Konka also take advantage of expanded the brand influence and market share, companies have ushered in a period of steady development.

from Xinyikang data show that as of 2007 November, Konka color TV in 2007 the overall retail volume share of 14.09%, ranking the first China TV market, November monthly retail volume share up to 15.89%. This is since 2003, Konka TV consecutive 5 consecutive years of color TV sales topped the list. The real hidden danger of

comes from the resentment between small and medium shareholders and Oct.

high-level staged "palace fight"

since the planned economy into the market economy, China gradually canceled the welfare housing distribution. 1998, "on further deepening the reform of urban housing system, speed up housing construction notice"

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