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Bitcoin prices topped $5300 for the first time

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meirijingjixinwen· 2017-10-13 08:50:07

Sina stocks news Beijing 13 morning CNBC said the price of bitcoin EST on Thursday for the first time exceeded 5300 dollars, a record high.

industry website Coindesk data show that bitcoin prices rose 11% on the day, to $5386.23, exceeding the previous record of $5013.91 in September 2nd. So far this year, bitcoin prices have risen by about 454%.

analysts pointed out that before the hard forking of bitcoin next month, rising investor interest is one of the reasons for the recent price surge. In August this year, the digital currency was split into bitcoin and bitcoin cash, when bitcoin investors got the same amount of bitcoin cash. However, not all digital currency exchanges immediately support the split currency.

is driven by bitcoin, and most other digital currencies rise as well. The currency rose to around $305, and bitcoin cash rose to around $316.

at the same time, investors seem to react negatively to the negative news about bitcoin from regulators. Last month, China's regulators banned the initial issue of ICO, and demanded the closing of several of the largest encrypted currency exchanges.

but in the past few days it has been reported that bitcoin transactions may resume in china. Encryption currency news website quoted the Xinhua news agency said, bitcoin transactions are likely to recover by more stringent supervision, which may include the new business license, and the anti money laundering supervision measures.

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