Taiyuan second-hand housing restrictions on sale! House property certificate may not be traded for two years

Property market Taiyuan second-hand housing housing all warrants

tengxuncaijing· 2017-10-13 08:50:12

industry insiders said, in general, Taiyuan second-hand housing is more than 2 years, the policy aims to limit real estate, so the impact on the new premises market.

10" on Sept. 12, Taiyuan Housing Authority issued "on the control of the second-hand housing transactions transfer short notice", under the jurisdiction of the six areas of the city to purchase new housing made "real estate warrants" or "all of housing", from the "real property card" or "all of housing" the date of the expiration of 2 years can transfer transaction. The first transaction of

resettlement housing listing, as well as the inheritance and divorce division, the direct gift and transfer between relatives are not restricted by this provision. The establishment of second-hand housing transaction short-term review mechanism, the "real property certificate" or "all of housing" less than two years, but because of debt disputes and other special reasons need to transfer, upon examination and approval before the transaction. Taiyuan housing authority responsible person, the move to the house was used to live, not to stir the location ", regulate the real estate market order, curb real estate bubble, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to curb housing speculation.

many people doubt: limited sale of second-hand housing, the property market will have what kind of impact? The relevant person of Shanxi Province HS believes that the introduction of the policy of the original intention is to compress the real "Kuaijinkuaichu" from space, while ordinary people usually do not buy in the licensing of 2 years listed transactions. Insiders also said that, in general, Taiyuan second-hand housing is more than 2 years, the policy is to limit the real estate, so the impact on the new premises market.

Shanxi evening news media reporters learned that the restricted order began in Xiamen, in March 23rd this year, Xiamen City Housing Property Department issued new regulations, requiring the purchase of new housing is required to obtain the property certificate after the expiry of 2 years to be traded, this is the industry known as "residential restricted order", this is the first launch similar to the policy of the city. This year, the restricted City camp continues to expand around the city to join the "ten restricted content in the respective market regulation, market experts believe that this will effectively undermine the cash mechanism of real estate speculation, has a positive effect on the stability of the market, it is because of the reference significance for other city, so do not rule out more the city to join the ranks of" restricted ", in other words, Taiyuan is not the last city to sell".

compared to the previous introduction of the restriction policy, the Shanxi evening news media reporter interviewed a number of industry insiders have said, "restricted order" and "restriction" also belong to the property market regulation policy, the original intention is to suppress speculators. At various points, "restricted" more accurate "on" investment of seven inches, its capital chain to deregulation in three or four years, the property market to restore the normal trading order. From the market regulation measures part of the recent introduction of the city government, the hands of the "brand" is Everfount, new policy ideas are worth studying, in fact, limit the sale has become an important means of regulating the market more city.

insiders believe that through the "limited sale", not only to achieve inventory oriented, but also to prevent all kinds of short-term cash cash practice. The key to curb real estate is to make real people unprofitable, only expected earnings decline will curb speculation. "Sale order" should be effective in the short term.

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