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"Battlefield 1" in the October update "turn the tide" public information

Battlefield 1 battlefield game player

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-10-13 10:15:25

DICE yesterday to push "battlefield 1" of the October update, and publish more information the latest piece of information "turn the tide".

first, "battlefield 1" October update has been pushed to the platform, the size is about 3.6GB.

second, DICE is for the upcoming December arrival of the "tide" data sheet to prepare. It is reported that this piece of information will look at Zeebrugge assault and Gary Polly offensive, the British Royal Navy will serve as a new camp for game player use, together with the nature into the game, there are a variety of new weapons and vehicles, please look forward to.

in addition, two new campaigns will be added to the game in November, called "Eastern storm" and "empire fall"". The former combines the "two action czar" the name of the Bo Rusi Love offensive and red tide, will be launched in early November, with the senior pass or "with the name" data sheet can be free to play the campaign; "empire" fall is a combination of the "battlefield 1" iron bastions of the body and conquer hell two action, will launch in mid November. Officials also say there will be more battles waiting for players in the future.

" finally, "battlefield 1" in this month ushered in the sale of 1st anniversary to commemorate the fifteenth year, and also through the "battlefield" series, with the hope that the official game player to celebrate this moment, just enter the game during ~16 October 12th. Will be able to participate in the anniversary celebration and to commemorate the dog tags, it is time to return to "battlefield".

source: DailyStar, battlefield 1 official website

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