Young director Hu moved to commit suicide

The movie the director the suicide the big split

beiqingwangyule· 2017-10-13 16:17:21

10 13, the writer He Xiaoxi in micro-blog broke the news that "young writer, director Hu Qian (also known as Hu Bo) hanged himself.". "

Hu moved (formerly known as Hu Bo, wrote the novella" crack ") in

media in a timely manner to the First official confirmation, informed of the news is true, but the specific circumstances to be results of the forensic police, Hu Bo's parents have arrived at present Beijing, Beijing Film Academy and the FIRST Committee have to handle related affairs. Mr. Gao, a senior member of the First Film Festival, also said in response: "he is still in the know, his new film is already in preparation, and the economic problems have been temporarily solved, and I really don't understand. So don't make a guess for a friend who knows or doesn't know. "

Huber film debut last year,

reported, Hu Qian (formerly known as Hu Bo, wrote the novella" crack ") with his debut film" Golden Fleece "script in the FIRST film venture, after the primaries, the check link. Finalists. And went to the FIRST Film Festival to submit proposals to nearly 100 investors. After that, the project signed the winter and spring pictures, which started in August last year, and began shooting in 2017 February. Director Wang Xiaoshuai supervised the production. The insider said, "the new film has been finished, the late half done, now people around (that Hu Qian is also forced Meng Dutch act), also do not know how to do. "

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