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lanjingTMTwang· 2017-10-13 16:22:18

is not scare you, really: car fuel cut-off lock has been put on the agenda.

at a meeting in September, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of public affairs publicly stated: China has started the traditional energy vehicles stop production schedule study.

sooner rather than later, can not be left behind in the car firmly behind

industrial development history of milepost type time what comes? Experts disagree. But the author boldly guess, the earliest will not be earlier than 2025, the latest will not be later than 2040. That is to say, within 8 to 22 years, new energy vehicles will replace the fuel vehicles, and assume the responsibility of leading the role. Why does

say that?

has become a global consensus for replacing fuel vehicles with new energy vehicles. Some radical advance countries, has developed a cut-off lock up fuel vehicle schedule, the case of European countries, Norway and Finland will be cut-off lock up fuel cars in 2025, which is currently in the global scope of the earliest announced action; Germany plans 2030 cut-off lock up fuel vehicle; while Britain and France both that cut-off lock up fuel vehicles in 2040. The

estimates that the Chinese cut-off lock up fuel car time, and Germany along the convergence, in 2030 about more appropriate, not only not to fall behind fall behind too long, also gave sufficient time to prepare Chinese car prices.

of course, cut-off lock up fuel vehicles on it, China, is sooner rather than later, as it relates to the future fate of the automobile industry Chinese. China's automobile industry started late, which is the historical reason for the strength of China's car enterprises and the world car enterprises, also can be said to be one of the main reasons. New energy vehicles are a new starting point, and now we are basically in a starting line, is China's car enterprises to catch up, and even realize the road overtaking a golden opportunity. If you missed this opportunity, then in the future of the global auto layout, China car prices are still not the light of day. So, no production of new energy vehicles this ban Wu, China need teeth, resolutely not left behind!

either on the world or the China car prices, car prices, full cut-off lock up fuel vehicles, is a kind of zhuangshiduanwan pain, to the death, who can advance card, who will be a throttle on the end, who is likely to turn to overtake success. If we are willing to accommodate ourselves to the situation, it will mean that we are lagging behind, and we are still lagging behind in the future. This situation is unacceptable and unacceptable to the Chinese auto makers.

Chinese Tesla who need

crack two problems from the current point of view, affect the development of new energy vehicles and popularity, there are two reasons: one is the new energy vehicle mileage, a fast charge technology of new energy vehicles. As long as these two problems are solved, the development of new energy vehicles is the two smoothly done or easily solved; as long as the problem is solved, cut-off lock up fuel vehicles, the impact on people's lives is zero, cut-off lock up fuel car will be accepted by the society.

from common sense, I believe that the new energy vehicle mileage of five hundred kilometers is a - the global new energy automobile leading brand Tesla has not what happened, that before the ban ban on oil production machine, China car prices, it will not matter. With regard to fast charging technology, the author believes that charging one hour, five to ten minutes, is more appropriate, the timing of the owners have little impact, within the acceptable range. I also believe that, before the full cut-off lock up fuel vehicles, but also can do this. Now charging technology is in a stage of rapid development, some enterprises have already overcome this technology. As long as these two Kanmai too, with new energy vehicles to replace the traditional fuel vehicle is not what happened, no problem all of the lock up fuel car smoothly done or easily solved.

for Chinese car enterprises, the universal solution to these two problems, there are still difficult. But the technology development has its commercial secrecy. Since the Ministry has said, believe that everything is ready except one crucial element. Because this position is not without any cause or reason to just do it, but the existing research results and based on the basic judgment on the future development of technology to make sure that is in the thousands.

Mr. Lu Xun said: there is no road on the ground, people walk more, also became a way. This sentence, for the development of new energy vehicles to toil in the forefront of the Chinese car prices, very fit. If China's car companies can not seize the opportunity to catch up with new energy vehicles, the future opportunities are quite slim. Because the development of new energy vehicles, although there are first, but basically are standing on the same starting line, Chinese car enterprises are not too far behind, catch up with the potential and may be very huge.

new energy vehicles are opportunities for China's auto industry. I believe that at this stage, Chinese car prices will shine, the resourceful, there may be A new force suddenly rises. veteran Guozihao, such as FAW, SAIC, BAIC, GAC; there may be the bright younger generation of private enterprises, such as BYD, Geely, the Great Wall, of course, there may be a promising and Dong Mingzhu best bet Zhuhai silver long new force etc..

in the era of new energy vehicles, the emergence of China's Tesla, is not impossible, but everything is possible. And let's wait and see!

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