Su Ning issued a letter of apology for the recruitment of discrimination events

Guangdong University of Technology ZA

zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-10-13 16:22:40

10 13 news: for the exposed yesterday Suning recruiters recruit School of Guangdong University of Technology and its vicious incident scene discrimination of college students, Suning in the morning promptly issued an apology letter of apology for inappropriate remarks the recruitment of personnel, and the matter was treated.

Suning in the apology letter said, the staff failed to deep understanding of the company's recruitment strategy, there is misunderstanding in positioning the introduction of source and Guanggong tube Pearson's side, and apologize to the teachers and students of Guangdong University of Technology. At the same time, Suning also said that the personnel involved in the

criticized and dismissed.

the apology letter, Suning recruiters in Longdong Guangdong University of Technology school recruit lectures will answer why students cannot apply when Guan Pei responded: "if you were in Guan Peisheng, how to do that in student laborers, the two of you schools are the same, you came in and Guan Peisheng's position is not the same as others, ran to the management, but you can't. "

" this speech immediately caused Guangdong University of Technology and other two colleges and universities dissatisfied teachers and students, and caused a lot of negative impact on the internet. The remarks in addition to the Guangdong University of Technology the University as the two university, but also for all the two universities showed a very dismissive attitude, let the social public uproar.

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