The big news of the property market! The most ruthless land transfer came

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yangshicaijing· 2017-10-13 17:40:38

10 11, the Shenzhen property market to join the "ruthless" array, to the land market presented a gift.

according to the Shenzhen Municipal Land Trading Center official website information bulletin, Longhua streets will sell one of two types of residential land in November, using single limited competitions "in , and the first to require developers to hold, not household registration, shall not be transferred, the provisions for 70 years .

this is the first use of housing in Shenzhen throughout the year (year is 70 years) only rent not sell the way to sell residential land by listing.

the supply of residential land located in the streets of Longhua, the land area of 20042 square meters, the volume rate of 4.5; construction area of 90180 square meters, including commercial, residential and other ancillary facilities, land use for 70 years. Provisions of talent housing (affordable housing) minimum allocation of 27060 square meters, developers free delivery of the government, the city talent housing group escrow.

" compared to the pre sold residential land, the Shenzhen brewing launched residential land in the use of housing, housing and talent auction are innovative changes: the period from


the year after the completion of the project, land in rental housing and commercial housing in the transfer period in the year period (70 years) to be self-sustaining, limited the overall registration, shall not sell or transfer, this is the transfer of a living characteristics to sell the most prominent.

the time limit for signing a real estate lease contract shall not exceed 20 years. Party B's self - maintained rental housing shall provide the decoration to meet the market demand, and the lease contract shall stipulate that the lessee shall not sublet the lease.

lease contract restrictions, but also facilitate the circulation of housing, the implementation of "house is used to live", to prevent developers with long-term contracts, housing disguised "sale"".

this is actually a big signal to expand the rental market, there will be more houses in the future, positioning as rental housing, commercial housing sales will reduce the proportion. Or "high-end market scarcity, mid market balance, low end market protection."".

"single limit double race" way to sell

single limit is to limit the highest bid, that is, 1 billion 10 million yuan cap, in the limit of the price is high. Limiting land prices is also a means to control prices from the root.

"double competition" is the competitive housing area for bidding and competition. If a number of bidders have reached the ceiling, bidders will participate in the ultimate link: than the size of the housing area. Transfer of talent, housing area of the most, will become the winner.

this harsh regulations, forcing developers to open the "flesh" mode, or hard mode. Because the transfer of cases, developers can profit only rental housing and commercial housing, personnel housing area increased, mean the lease area, commercial housing will be reduced, the profits of developers will be greatly reduced.

but if you want to get to open business than ruthless, who offer the most, most of the flesh, who is the final winner. Finally, the talent room area will be how much, it is also a big aspect of the earth shot.

the land assigned personnel housing with the construction of 27060 square meters (30% of the total construction area) personnel housing, finally built with the housing area according to the situation that the bidding personnel, and rental housing area linkage adjustment, personnel housing area increased, the rental housing area will be reduced.

talents housing is built by the competitors, and the property rights are gratis to the government. It is received, operated and supervised by Shenzhen City talent Housing Group Co., Ltd. on behalf of the municipal government.

strengthen land acquisition to examine the sources of

in the bidding applicants apply for bids submitted "on the" letter of commitment to land acquisition, sources of funds, its commitment to land acquisition funding does not belong to the development loans, capital market financing, capital management plan with capital etc..

requires the bidder self all price, shall be issued by accounting firms qualified for the business of securities and futures fund review report to the city planning department of land, land acquisition funds source and flow of funds, transfer certificate and other related documents. If the

fails to obtain the approval of the financial supervision department for the examination of the sources of land purchase funds, the municipal planning and land department will cancel the competition qualification of the competitors, and the bid bond will not be refunded.

self-sustaining land or become mainstream

, in fact, "only rent not sell" land model has appeared in many places. In July of this year, the first batch of Shanghai leased two rental housing land officially completed.

9 month, Guangzhou public resources trading network hang out a homestead notice, clearly pointed out that after the completion of the project must be fully self-sustaining, not division sales, self-sustaining life and land transfer service agreement.

9 the end of the month, Hangzhou City Land Resources Bureau, Hangzhou city public resources trading center listing a rental housing land, after the completion of the project "rent not buy", this is the first launch of the Hangzhou rental housing land.

senior real estate researcher Yan Yuejin said that the introduction of self-sustaining land in Shenzhen, to a large extent

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