The snake and the farmer! The US warship was just supplied in Hongkong and intruded into the South China Sea immediately

The US Navy destroyers the United States missiles

zhonghuawang· 2017-10-13 19:14:12

Chinese greet us warships with kindness, friendship, open mind, and the rest of US warships in replenishment after, directly to the "muzzle" at Chinese, this is the American version of "snake and the story again, fully exposed the American hypocrisy, cunning and ferocious, also shows that both of us the starting point of how good, no matter how much we consider the overall development of Sino US relations, whether we do a lot for the development of Sino US relations, but the imperialism of my heart never die. In dealing with imperialism, "lose illusions, prepare for battle", no matter when it is not outdated.

10 10, the U.S. Navy "Chafee" destroyer unauthorized access to China's Paracel Islands waters. Chinese Navy Mount Huangshan missile frigate and two fighters -11B fighter aircraft, 1 aircraft straight -8 helicopter emergency response, to drive away the warning. this is the United States in October 2015 after several years after the interruption, the so-called "freedom of navigation in the South China Sea to restart operations" after the U.S. missile destroyer in seventh Chinese island 12 nautical miles, is also the Trump government came to power after the United States Navy in fourth Chinese island 12 nautical miles.

2015 in October 27th, the United States Navy "Larson" missile destroyer into Nansha Zhubi reef 12 miles;

2016 in January 30th, the U.S. Navy Curtis Wilbur missile destroyer entered Xisha island 12 miles;

2016 in May 10th, the United States Navy "Laurence" missile destroyer into the sea 12 May 25th

2017 China; the United States Navy, Dewey missile destroyer entered Nansha Meiji reef 12 miles;

2017 in July 2nd, the U.S. Navy Stan Cem missile destroyer entered Xisha island 12 miles;

2017 in August 10th, the U.S. Navy Mccain missile destroyer entered Nansha Meiji reef 12 miles. In October 10th

2017, the U.S. Navy "Chafee" missile destroyer entered the Paracel Islands territorial waters. After Trump introduced the so-called normalization of the South China Sea sailing freedom program, starting from May this year, in less than four months, it has intruded into the South China Sea for the first time in China for the first time in. Unlike in the past, the US Navy "Chafee" missile destroyer, which intruded into China's territorial waters, was launched into the South China Sea shortly after the completion of its supplies in Hongkong.

, according to media reports, the United States Navy's seventh fleet Nimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Chafee, October 2nd morning arrived at the Victoria Harbour in Hongkong, stay for 4 to 5 days. According to today's Russian television station, "Chafee" is said to leave Hongkong on the 9 day into the South China sea.

, according to Japanese media reports, the aircraft carrier USS Reagan and USS Chafee just before arriving in Hongkong, and the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force from September 29th to October 1st, in Okinawa to the surrounding airspace south of Taiwan conducted a joint exercise, intended to strengthen the Japan us cooperation to "leverage". According to South Korean media reports, "Reagan" aircraft carrier after the visit to Hongkong, is expected to sail to the Korean Peninsula, participate in joint military exercises.

you know, the naval base naval combat force complete an important part both as to meet supply, maintenance, maintenance and repair work demand, even the basic training, training base in port and offshore training courses, it must depend on the base facilities and teaching support ability. As for the personnel training and supplement, rotation, vacation, more work is important during berthing harbor service. Suitable for the carrier battle group in the Bo naval base, need to meet more stringent conditions, and throughout the Asia Pacific region, Japan, the only U.S. naval port of Yokosuka port of Busan and South Korea Singapore Changi naval base for aircraft carrier in bo. But the U.S. Navy Naval Base starting from the Middle East, across India ocean and the Malacca Strait in the tens of thousands of kilometers of sea voyage, the voyage from Singapore does not have a naval base in the U.S. can Bo, global navigation and action caused great inconvenience.

because of the real aircraft carrier base is not much, the US military has adopted many inbound supply strategy, also is in a period of time, in some countries the civilian port fresh water and food supplies, and ship personnel in batches during rest, do not have access to maritime operations and ship equipment and also keep the crew's morale.

is a very good supply port for us naval vessels and sailors because of the sound and advanced facilities in Hongkong port and the prosperous development of economy and society in Hongkong. In fact, since 1890, Hongkong has been an important port of Western powers in East Asia, while the us from the beginning of the last century began to regularly stationed in Hongkong, making long ocean voyages between the supply, it has almost become a tradition of the United States Navy in the sea. After China resumed the exercise of sovereignty in Hongkong in

1997, according to the basic law of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, foreign military ships can enter Hongkong only after obtaining the special permission of the Central People's government. At the beginning of 1997, China and the United States reached an agreement to allow American warships to continue their repairs and supplies in Hongkong after their return to Hongkong.

since then, the U.S. warships can dock in Hongkong, has become a medium

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