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2003" at the end of Chen, the first and only time should be about Ma to attend the fourth session held in West Lake. The two delta Internet Co both in the past and present are not too much overlap, Chen abandoned the richest man moved to Singapore, with investors, Ma Yun for a position in the richest man around, watching Ali to become Asia's first Internet Co.

, the former richest man who started the legend, never ignored the success brought by the game. And Ali as long as there is little action in the game field, Ma's "starved to do the game" speech will be turned out to denounce.

between the richest man and the richest man, is not the same.

Ali game bumpy road,

Ali base camp located in Hangzhou, is located in the economically developed Yangtze River delta. In addition to the birth of a home appliance business tycoon, there are two game giants Shanda and NetEase. Grand fame for many years, although today has come down, but in the history of the game created a thick and heavy in colours. And NetEase today top "Tencent strongest opponent" hat in the field of game.

in the game market, people are more willing to talk about the reasons for today Ali, is a "do not starve game" of the company from the beginning of 2007 to get involved in the game, game center, 2012 2009 want to push push Taobao game, but did not set off the big storm. In

2014, Ali stepped into the game market again. Relying on the exchange in the hope of social games, but the follow-up was "not only" chug three developers PatiGames termination, also had a "Crazy" from the user privacy leak, resulting in Ali game process stalled again.

, but Ali hasn't given up his obsession with games.

2014 in August, Ali $120 million investment in U.S. mobile game developer Kabam; in March 2015, Ali will buy UC nine tour with ALI game to integration, the following year in January, UC nine tour will be officially renamed the "Ali game"; in March 2017, Ali announced a march game publisher in the field; in September of the same year, the acquisition of Alibaba Guangzhou Jane Wyatt, and the establishment of game business group. Ali al

entertainment chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu in the internal staff letter said, the game business group will follow the Ali entertainment class committee leadership, the class committee will develop game business group strategy to promote implementation of business strategies. Fan Luyuan (Mu Huali), Zhan Zhonghui (a), Shi Cangjian (Cang Jian), Changyang (Liu Yong) and Li (Yu Qian) straight into the game business group class.

in the first year of integration, Yu Yongfu will be part of the game group "squad leader", Fan Luyuan (Li Li Li) as the game business group secretary general. Why

obsession game?

from Ali Wangwang, Taobao and Alipay, and then to the game to Ali al entertainment, the game plays different roles in each stage. Want time, Ali hopes that the game can bring revenue, release traffic value. From time to time, Ali hopes to emulate WeChat's social cohesion by bundling games. To the Big Ali entertainment era, the game has become a necessary part of the pan entertainment industry.

Tencent not only invented the word "Pan entertainment", but also hooked the game with other entertainment industries. The film, web, peripheral and animation adapted from the game IP began to operate in 2015. Ali, although there is no Tencent so strong game details, but in the Chinese entertainment matrix Ali has all the base in addition to the game, film, literature, music and so on, and has entered the stage of practical operation, so this time Ali again into one of the objective of the game is to make up the lack of Pan entertainment that rings.

make up the ring, Ali al entertainment can do a lot.

in the past, Ali game more work is distribution and intermodal, after the acquisition of Jane Wyatt has the ability to self research, operation. For Ali game business itself, from research, operation, transportation and distribution, covering almost all aspects of the game industry chain, this is a complete game company, plus Ali flow advantage, Ali game homegrown no problem.

writer for entertainment, IP Ali game operation category will expand other business growth. For example, Ali pictures IP can realize the shadow travel linkage, Ali literary IP can also be adapted for the game. More importantly, the game as the best channel of Pan entertainment, will bring intuitive revenue and profits. "

" and "onmyoji" king of glory of the monthly water has more than 3 billion yuan, this data is probably the most urgent to get the Big Ali entertainment. Because in revenue, Ali al entertainment is still not too much for the group contribution, even can be said to be a drag on earnings. According to the Alibaba

Q1 released in 2017 earnings, 2016 full year earnings, Ali al Q4 entertainment in 2016 revenue reached 4 billion 63 million yuan, operating loss amounted to 3 billion 196 million yuan. Among them, Ali pictures in 2016 revenue reached 905 million yuan, an increase of 243%; net loss of 959 million yuan, while the net profit in 2015 was 466 million yuan.

"kill" Ali game

, from the past few years of uninterrupted action, Ali game has been steadily advancing. For Tencent, NetEase, although its volume is not large enough, but a prototype of Pan entertainment complex has emerged. At least two aspects, Ali game has unique industry capital:

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