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" with the double eleven shopping Carnival once a year is approaching, businesses not only each business platform on all nodes even eager for a fight, the entire electricity supplier in the chain are crazy. At this critical moment, the courier industry took the initiative to have a major earthquake - several express companies announced price increases.

first announced this year through courier express industry due to increased transportation costs, labor costs, raw material prices and other factors, at the same time in order to further improve the quality of service, to protect the interests of customers, decided to adjust the express price from now on. Subsequently, Yun immediately follow the trend, only a day after the publication of "client book" announced the price adjustment. Express enterprises continue to rise in price, in fact is to show off their strength. And in the back, there will be the pros and cons of different consequences.

6 core express companies have been listed, this is a stable period of "trial hard"

last year is a well deserved "express year", a number of courier companies have listed. Today, tact, Shen Tong, Tong, rhyme, SF, BES 6 domestic express delivery giant listed. And these 6 express enterprises, but also the backbone of the current express industry. Their successful listing means a short-term end to the pursuit of market share by price in the short run. After the listing of

, these express companies lay the most solid foundation for future development. And under their monopoly, many three or four line express enterprises also reluctantly withdraw from the market, even even the international giant DHL also under the strong private express enterprise exit China Express market. In such a situation, even if the new entrants are completely unable to pose a threat, the courier industry has entered a stable period.

since it has become a "seller's market", courier companies naturally have full confidence, the status of customers is also gradually improved. This price hike is both a show off of its strength, and a test of customers and the public reaction - try their own hardness".

this thing is indeed in the price, excessive packaging or by the market "cure"

, and from another level, express enterprise prices really have a compelling reason - all kinds of cost go up. Transportation costs are rising, and labor costs are rising. In this year, Yuantong, Shen Tong, and other 6 courier companies have issued "on the whole network dispatch fee adjustment notice", requiring all faction outlets sent up 0.15 yuan / ticket, the implementation time is June 1st. After all, if you don't increase the sending fee, couriers turn to take out … … that time, the industry will guess whether the courier companies will raise prices to fight rising labor costs. Unexpectedly, the phrase "pro", in a few months later, express enterprises eventually rising prices.

more importantly, the rise in paper prices has led to a sharp rise in carton prices. It is learnt that the price of corrugated base paper has risen by 70% in recent years, and the price of cardboard boxes has risen by 7% to 30%. And insiders predict that the market volatility is far from over, raw materials will rise sharply, and may cause more scarce raw materials. It seems, the express company chop hand double eleven Festival "not only to grab one, but also to grab a carton!

of course, it is undeniable that the price of paper by the environment, the courier industry has disadvantages of excessive packaging would be" cured". As one of the important sources of waste and pollution, the express industry may really start from the self, reduce waste and pollution, as a force for the community.

alert the courier industry in large area price consequences of

can be expected, after the pass and rhyme have prices, other courier companies may quickly follow, triggering a collective price surge. In the express industry after a large area of prices, may lead to a variety of consequences. As an important part of the electricity supplier industry, the courier price rise may lead to price changes, commodity prices are likely to rise.

in addition, after the courier price rise, logistics, cold chain and other related industries are likely to follow suit prices. As a result, all transport chain price hike. The so-called "drag and fall" affects the whole body, the social price level may also increase, and the cost of living will also be improved.

in fact, the courier price is not a problem, after all, there are multiple factors. The key lies in the price mentioned, the price hike is to further enhance the quality of service, protect the interests of customers". Prior to this, in addition to SF, other private express are criticized. Will price increase guarantee the quality of service? Will price increase no longer be violent transportation, lost parts and slow? If it is the same as before, it is ridiculous to consider the banner of consideration for customers.

therefore, we should be cautious and cautious about the results of a large area of price rising in the express industry. Is purely for the price and the price, is absolutely intolerable! (New Constantine / Wen Technology)

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